Can someone PLEASE fix the Generic Remote? Like, make it good?

Steinberg, this is killing me. I keep losing my Generic Remote settings just as outlined in this thread:

PLEASE stop implementing features like this (half-assed, buggy, and/or non-deterministic or illogical behavior). I don’t want to be a full-time system administrator with this program, and that’s what it feels like sometimes. Getting quite tired of having to troubleshoot very archaic looking and acting features like this that would actually be tremendously useful if they didn’t look and behave like they were left over from the '90s and never touched again.

This needs a rewrite. Please, for the love of god, make it so! This is seriously frustrating.

It is not only frustrating, it simply does not work with NRPN messages. The most important functions for encoders and faders can not be assigned properly. So any hardware remote controllers that support 14bit can not be used properly, even if they are able to provide feedback/bi-directional editing (like LED rings). A feature that in normal cases is superior to common 7bit encoders, will lead to a non functioning device in Cubase. You are forced to either buy expensive controllers (that have protocols) or to use the cheapest possible hardware.

Agreed, the whole preferences “layer” needs an update IMHO.
But the Generic Remote is so bad it’s laughable.