Generic remote settings not remembered

I really hope someone can help me because this is driving me crazy.

It seems the way Generic Remote settings are remembered (actually, almost never remembered) is totally random and buggy.

If i create some set of settings, apply, then save Cubase, when i re-open Cubase the settings are gone.

I’ve tried all the tips in previous threads about this and nothing works.

How on earth can something so important be so poorly implemented?

I don’t mind jumping through some hoops to get this working, as long as it works.

So could someone please tell me the A-B-C procedure so that i can have a particular set of Generic remote settings in new projects, old projects, any project in fact! I don’t need to switch settings, i just want to have one set of settings for all projects.

Please help! …Thanks!

It’s not random at all actually, nor is it poorly implemented. It’s quite brilliant (though it has its quirks). certainly if you had tried all the tips in previous threads, one would have worked! :wink:

Please, look up the Generic Remote in the manual, as this has been answered many, many times, in the forums, and correctly to boot. Your effort at reading the documentation will repay you over and over.

Thanks but your reply is not helpful, i’ve tried everything.

If i export the settings, close Cubase, re-open Cubase and the settings are gone, try importing what i just exported and the settings are STILL gone, then something is broken or poorly implemented / explained.

From the manual:

“The last imported or exported remote setup will automatically be loaded when the program

This is simply not true, as many others seems to have found out judging by previous threads.

If it is not working on your setup, there’s something else going on. It is certainly not intuitive to export the GR in order to save it, but it does work. I tested this the other day.

Here if I export a remote, the next time I open Cubase that remote is loaded.

From what you are saying,

If i export the settings, close Cubase, re-open Cubase and the settings are gone, try importing what i just exported and the settings are STILL gone

This would point to the possibility that you are not importing the same file that you exported, or that there is a problem with your install.


I just posted in another thread how I went through exports, restarts, and imports but learned nothing about this behavior that would consistently match the logic manual refers to.

Looking at the exported file, all the changes I made were there. After restart or import either none of the configuration was successfully imported or the configuration got imported only partly.

Until Cubase started to remember everything.

Export the settings, then IMPORT it back in, dont close cubase first. Very strange, but that should work. I made a video to show how, hope it works out for you. How to make the generic remote setting stay in Cubase - YouTube

Thanks for the video. I watched it a few weeks back when trying to sort this out, followed the steps and for me it didn’t solve the problem.

If it’s not working for you as documented,it would make sense to open a support ticket.

Yes, Generic Remote can be head-spinning to set up, but it does work and it works according to the instructions given in the Operations Manual. That said, I didn’t really understand it until I read and followed the instructions from some experts (see link in my signature). Even with that help, it took time and I still feel I have more I could do with GR and sometimes spend time improving mine. The best solution going that isn’t too expensive is with the I-Pad.

Try these steps:

  1. Make sure your controller is working. Check the output with MIDI-OX or a similar mindi monitoring program.
  2. Start with a blank generic remote and add one button or slider at a time using the Learn Function. (Slider 1, Slider 2, Slider 3…) whatever you want to use.
  3. Make sure you have both Imported and Applied the GR when you update.
  4. You can’t hurt anything, so don’t worry if you have to delete and rebuild things.
  5. The GR editor is Small and Difficult to Read and kind of “old fashioned.”

If you’re still having after determining your hardware is working, you may want to reset Cubase preferences and perhaps you will have to re-install the program if there is some really bad error (unlikely). Good luck.


My ticket from last December about Cubase forgetting GRs was closed with a pasted apology and a promise to hire more support staff. Not kidding.

Maybe the crunch time at Steiny is easing up by now and I should try again… But hey, I’m a hobbyist and I’ve got you, guys. Probably the industry level customers don’t have to bother with GR.

I would check permissions and file names, and run a file monitor to check what gets written where.
All I can say, it’s working perfectly well here. It must be something specific to your system, hard to guess what it is.

Thanks! I hadn’t tried that.

I can see the the exported files after each export in the folder I selected and with correct names as well as containing seemingly the right configuration. Importing the same files just happens inconsistently. Partial imports or no import. This is easy to check by adding single lines (controllers) to differently named exports.

What else is should I check? I don’t know what file monitors do; what info do they provide?

By the way, I couldn’t yet find where Cubase stores the GR configuration… Found the Quick Controls from roaming profile, but not the GR configuration.

Inspired by Peakae, I’m considering to have this as part of my sig file: “All I can say, it’s not working perfectly well here. It must be something specific to my system, thanks for trying to guess what it is.” :slight_smile:

It stores it where you manually save it. You decide, not Cubase.

I used to use filemon it is now part of procmon.

It logs all file activity on the system, many thousands of log entries, the key here is to filter out the irrelevant.
Procmon can do a lot more and is a good tool to have in the arsenal.

I was unclear and you’re correct; I decide where the exports go and what they are. There’s also no “default GR” so me not finding it makes sense.

However, I can create a GR, make some changes and click Apply and while I exported nothing, nor did Apply make changes in the most recent export file, the new GR is still there when I open Cubase the next time. So to me it seems Cubase does store something about the GR somewhere. The changes I made in that GR are not remembered by Cubase, they are what Cubase created based on some logic. Also after I delete GRs the changes in the GR list are remembered by Cubase.

These are just observations I made while troubleshooting. I’m not confident about getting closer to understanding how GR (don’t) work on my system.

Thanks, will try it out.

Nice, thanks peakae. Procmon made me understand where the GR base configurations (that I thought were random) for each additional GR come from: looks like Cubase cycles through the next, previously exported configuration each time a new GR is created.

The path to the remotes that get loaded are stored in %appdata%\Steinberg\Cubase 9.5_64\Defaults.xml. Search for

"FNPath" name="RemoteScript" ID=

in that file to see what file(s) get loaded.

Note that in a case where Cubase has crashed after changing the path to the remote, Defaults.xml won’t get updated, in that case the path will lead to a previous file.

Thanks, Steve!

Looked it up, and in my system Defaults.xml shows the correct, most recent GR export. When I add new GRs, my previous exports are imported one by one each time a new GRs are added. Maybe this is the intended behavior.

Urgh…all this wasted time, it should just work…how complicated can it be for the developers over there to just make it work?!