Can’t edit text tokens in iPad 1.2

After updating to Dorico 1.2 I can no longer edit text tokens in Engrave mode. Is this a known issue?

Welcome to the forum, @JoePow. It all seems to work as expected for me: can you say a bit more about what you’re trying and what is happening?

I open any document in Dorico 1.2 on my iPad. I switch to Engrave mode. I attempt to click or tap on a text field such as the title or the composer, and nothing happens. I am no longer able to edit the text token from Engrave mode like I could earlier this morning before updating the app.

Same here. I can open the ‘Project Info’ palette and change the title, etc., but the fields are not directly editable from the Engrave window. It would be nice to be able to select a (green) text field in Engrave mode to see the token that it contains. This doesn’t appear to be functional. Also, I can’t select, say, a music frame and move the margin to create space above the music frame to add a text frame. Is this also non-functional in the iPad version?

Tokens like Composer or ProjectTitle are generally located and formatted in the Master Pages.

And these seem to be inaccessible in the iPad version of Dorico.

Yeah, they really need to fix this ASAP, otherwise why am I paying $40 a year to use a broken Engrave mode?

On the iPad, you have access to Engrave mode but only the Graphic Editing function - it doesn’t include full frame editing support, which is what’s really needed to use text tokens in text frames fully.

What is it you’re wanting to edit in relation to the project title/composer tokens etc? If you want to add the title, do so in Project Info. It’ll be much quicker in the long run as adding the title once there means it automatically appears in all layouts correctly.

Prior to yesterday’s update I was able directly edit the text tokens in Engrave mode on the iPad by clicking on them and typing. I could for example change the composer field {@projectcomposer@} to arranger
{@projectarranger@} if I wanted to or place the arranger field directly below the composer field. It worked fine. After the 1.2 release that functionality is no longer available. In other words instead of adding features they have removed them, making Engrave mode less useful than it was before.

Thanks for the additional information. What I find is that provided I am zoomed out sufficiently to be able to see the whole of the page in the view, I can then double-tap an item to edit it. This is certainly a bug, though, and caused by the introduction of kinetic scrolling. We have a fix prepared and awaiting review from Apple, so we should hopefully have that fix pushed live within the next day or two.


We have this evening released Dorico for iPad 1.2.2, which fixes this problem. Please update from the App Store to receive the fix.