Can’t find diagnostic report

I’m trying to generate a diagnostic report using the latest Dorico for iPad, and it seems that the file is not created in “On my iPad”’s Dorico folder. I don’t get an error, the message says that the file was created in the Dorico folder in “On My iPad” folder. Moreover, for some reason the Dorico folder does not show up in “On My iPad” (I had to create it manually, but it is still invisible). I can reach this folder by using cmd-shift-G (Go To Folder), but the folder is empty. I use iCloud as the default output folder for projects (toggle it to “On My iPad” did not fix it). Can someone confirm this problem?

If you run the Files app, you should see a Dorico folder under On my iPad and the zip file should be found in there.

Rebooting my iPad did it. For some reason both the folder and contents were hidden.