Can’t login to SDA

Trying to install Dorico on another machine. When I updated the SDA, I now get only this screen, which doesn’t do anything:

Clicking “Sign In” grays it out momentarily, then returns to this.

See if there is another screen behind it.

There isn’t.

Clicking Sign In there should launch the system-default web browser and direct you to the Steinberg web site to sign in. Perhaps check the browser settings on that computer.

I reported early (lost in the mega-scroll) about seeing this issue, @Ben_at_Steinberg was following along at the time. The only thing I had to report was I was using virtual desktops in Win 10, and Firefox default browser which now auto populates on startup to the last saved desktop. So Firefox wasn’t running, I clicked log in, bunch of windows came up, and the SDA got confused just like you see here.

Do you have any conditions like that? If not let Ben know what special things might be going on. Otherwise, for me the only thing that would fix it was an full on IT support reboot.

You could try attaching the SDA logs, and maybe they might give a clue as to what SDA is doing, but SDA really isn’t my product (nor is it Ben’s) so all we can do is pass things on. The information that the SDA team request when submitting a bug report can be found here:

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Unfortunately it doesn’t launch the browser, which appears to be working fine otherwise. Any particular settings I should check?

I ran SDA as administrator, no joy.

Check that it is set as the default browser. Test that it is set to open web links by saving a web page to your desktop, quit the browser, then double click the saved link. If nothing happens then your default is not set correctly.

I just come across this issue, what i did i swich back to windows 7 because of some issues regarding mach5 3. While on windows 10 google chrome was my main internet gate so to say in windows 7 internet explorer and Microsoft edge became a problem until I switch back to Google chrome. Right now i am back to normal.

Hope this will also help :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3: