Can the toolbars be in sync?

I constantly struggle with having the wrong toolbar reacting to my keyboard shortcuts. As a hefty midi-note juggler there is a constant mind-focus between the Arrangement- and the Edit-zone, and which zone lastly where activated with a mouse click is the last thing my mind keeps track of. Result=shortcuts end up in the wrong zones toolbar.

Why not just have the option to have the toolbars in sync?

I am aware of the right-mouseclick-solution to get the floating toolbar. Not the fastest way to select a tool compared to a shortcut where you have your left hand selecting tools, and the right hand to execute the tool.

As of now, there is no way to select a tool without first having to do a mouseclick which mentally shifts focus from the creative flow. Thousands of these micro interruptions are annoying. Cubase are SO smooth and efficiency-focused in all other manners, but tool change isn’t.

All you need is a checkbox in the settings saying “sync toolbars”.

I totally get what you’re saying, and I have solved this for my own workflow by carefully assigning keystrokes to the tools.

But it actually isn’t the toolbar that is reacting.

The keystroke assignments can be ordinal, in which case it depends on where the tool is on the toolbar,

Or they can be explicit, which is what it sounds like you need.

You should add a Feature Request tag to your post title.

I’ve long felt Cubase should know what window I’m looking and always set the focus there…

I recently discovered there is a Key Command Project>Bring To Front that I’ve started using in Macros to set the focus. Don’t know if there is anything similar for the Editors, but if there is I guess you could build Macros to change the Tool in both places.

Yes, meaning that the same keystroke would invoke a different tool depending on the front-most window.

It would be sleek, but this request has been around for 20 years, so I’m not holding my breath, and I have assigned keystrokes explicitly for those tools I need it for.

I understand there’s even more to it than tool commands…

Thank you for your extensive reply! Still don’t see how to select a tool on one specific toolbar? The Cut Tool is the “Cut Tool In The Currently Active Zone” no matter what intrinsic shortcut you create for it? So, the problem persists. Or do I miss something here?

Well it only selects the tool, it doesn’t switch to another window or zone.

But maybe that’s not what you mean.

Please give it to the forum like this: How to format a bug report

Thanks for the tip about tagging as Issue. I’m not sure this could be considered an issue though, more than a suggestion for extended functionality? My suggestion is the possibility to have the toolbars synced with a checkbox in the Settings.

But I don’t know if this could cause problems for other ways of working? For example, maybe a lot of people work with multiple monitors and really need unique toolbars for each monitor? (this is why this functionality should be possible
To toggle on/off). Or are there other workflow issues that would make a unified toolbar a hassle? I’m relatively new to Cubase, so I’m humbly aware of my position at the Dunning-Crüger-scale ;).