Can we get an ETA on a maintenance update?

C13 bugs are killing me


I’m with you man, I have been forced to go back to C12.
This a very disappointing release. I am having random crashes,
graphic whiteouts. I hate not being able to use mouse wheel for send
levels and missing graphic display of wave forms in the eq window.
I will say my cpu load is lower. C12 bugs have not been addressed as well.


I can help you with the mouse wheel issue, they have given the option to bypass the scroll in preferences


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Do you have a thread with them, please? Did you post them? Could you link the thread, please? Or could you attach the *.ips/dmp files here, please?

This is a known issue, mentioned in the Release Notes.

You can do so. Preferences > Editing > Project & MixConsole > Scrolling: Disable Mouse Wheel for Parameter Change.

Waveform in the EQ? Is this your feature request?

Thanks for the info. I have made that change. That will help with my work flow.

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The Waveform display in the Channel Eq window was there in C12. It is not there in C13.
It is not a substitute for listening while eqing but helpful.

Adding Cubase as a game to my AMD Adrenalin software and playing with the settings helped the graphic issues. If you have an AMD card, try that. Or see if there is an equivalent with whatever GPU you use.



Yes, unfortunately. Cubase often crashes in the middle of my work. Clicking on something is enough. Could have something to do with the graphics or that they have changed something with OpenGL etc. how the graphics are rendered.
Unfortunately, a crash dump is not always created, so that many users cannot say anything more than “random crashes”.

There was already a simlar problem with a Cubase release, i.e. constant random crashes, but this was fixed and Cubase ran very stable… So let’s hope that maybe a maintainance update will be released in December.


Hi all,

Typically the next maintenance update should be published by the end of this year latest.



Soo for a lot of people , it’s pay Steinberg in advance and wait ? This is my only grip with Steinberg , you admit there’s issues but users are forced to wait before they can use what they have spent their money on , Or would Steinberg prefer for NO ONE to buy the new broken releases Until you confirm you are selling a Stable product for multiple systems ?
I mentioned in a post i started that , it’s not so much about the BUG’s it’s about Steinberg knowing they exist and still not caring about peoples issues . I’ll keep referring back to Sync midi notes in key editor . Something Steinberg made their name with , got broken and took OVER 3 MONTHS to fix while the Midi Remote received an immediate hot fix .
Please don’t tell me this is going to be exactly the same approach with C13 because after the horrendous start with C13, delivery times maintenance updates are My major concern this time , if they are slow , so will be my update path for ALL Steinberg products . And by the looks of your comment OVER 1 and a half months to wait for people to use what they have paid for really isn’t going to help your cause

I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the current release and ongoing update cycle.

Cubase is undergoing months of alpha and beta testing and stabilization phase before being put to the public world in its first major release. For minor updates this phase is shortened to a few weeks as a rule of thumb. At the moment most of our resource is aiming and only aiming at releasing and maintaining C13, there is nothing else competing with this agenda.

That being said, every now and then a big issue manages to escape our radar. In this regard, I can tell you that internally we are not satisfied with the numerous GUI glitches on Windows that were not really widely detected by our testing phase and we are working on re-inspecting what went wrong here.


I’m glad to hear this first part but i’m not a 'break your balls 'sort of person and don’t expect Steinberg to use any normal programer or beta tester as an escape goat , your Maintenance update policy really does need an overhaul , it’s outdated for how complex Cubase is now , I know it’s resources but your reputations slipping and that concerns me believe it or not .
One good thing to come out of this first release mess is the total interaction and dedication by members of the Steinberg team to resolve these issues BUT the question still remains after the Holy mess C12 was at the beginning of … how long will it take this time , C12 took until .52 until most customers were satisfied , that’s Half the life cycle of Cubase , not good really is it ?
Thanks for your comment and input it’s really appreciated , nothings personal here just points of views


Thanks for your transparent feedback, it is highly appreciated.

I want to point out at the main dilemma we have to solve here: exactly because Cubase is a mature and complex product, it does make sense to be quite cautious about how long it takes to let a specific version rest and mature through our testing pipeline. See it as a vintage craft beer that needs to ferment first. :slight_smile: We hear and feel this frustration too but as of now shortening the testing phase below a few weeks will not make our reputation and our efficiency better I believe.

I can reassure you that for the months to come we are essentially reporting, prioritizing, scheduling and fixing bugs for C13 and C12 on a daily basis and nothing else.



Thanks for the Positive input , however my point is not about shortening , it’s about adding in updates to stay on top of all the needs now , in the earlier days that was a fairer thing to do BUT with Cubase being more complex the more you under go the transformation, the more resources you need to keep your product viable , I don’t mind buying into Cubase straight away as long as the fixing come quick , you managed it as i mentioned for the Midi remote in C12 but not for the Midi note alinement which really was more damn important than twiddling knobs , totally wrong priority.
Im not scaremongering this time but after the full on complete worse case scenario i had just for updating one version of Cubase I’m really watching every single update and fix and the time they take and what’s more, I’m more nervous now than in my entire Life with Steinberg to even think about moving on the the next POINT maintenance update and that is a major issue

Your last para is of great interest, regarding the continued support for CB 12 as folk that have work schedules and other related tasks and devices that need update or closure for completion before moving off 12, it is a professional attitude and shows good office.
Thank you!
Best regards

The emphasis in the above quote is mine

If I interpret that correctly to mean C12 has at least one more bug fix forthcoming … thank you!

Hey Armand, this is really good of you guys to be so transparent and up front about this in the forum! Please keep up this good, honest communication! It helps ease frustration from users, and it builds trust that you are listening.

And thanks for directly taking on difficult topics and threads with frank self-awareness that sometimes you guys at Steinberg drop the ball and are working on fixing things. This is the way forward for any company in this insane social-media world, especially long-running companies that can appear to be old, deaf, and uncaring sometimes. It’s refreshing that you are engaged like this and I hope you keep it up.

Cheers to the whole Steinberg team, don’t get disheartened by negative feedback, keep working on the fixes, and don’t forget about ripple editing for Cubase 14! :crossed_fingers: :wink:


I’d confidently say you are quite correct.! SB have usually followed a new major version launch, with a final ‘wrap-up’ bugfix update (as safe to do so) for the previous edition.

Thank you for the communication… i read the release notes and knew about the bug on windows as far graphics goes… hopefully soon this gets addressed… i have read work arounds which i may try… thank you again