Can we get an ETA on a maintenance update?

So there are chances that the Render in Place panorama bug gets fixed for Cubase 12? That would be great.

It says a lot that people here are so blindsided by frank and transparent communication from the Cubase team.

Goes to show that it’s been sorely lacking and we need more of it!

Thanks Armand!, I also really appreciate the transparency and open comunication.

My biggest worry is that the months of alpha and beta testing are not nearly enough.
I bought into C13 because of the simplified CC recording and I cannot use it.
I reported 3 issues, the last one being even laughable and amuzing how something can be released in this state.
There is also this one and this one. There is also no option for simplifying pre-recorded CC data either.

But the main problem is that we have no idea whether Steinberg plan to address these issues, in which order or when, there is no public roadmap, it is just sitting and waiting, and get dissapointed again and again.


I will have a look at this one.

I’m working on these. So far, I haven’t been able to reproduce it in a good way.


Thanks Martin! I’ll try to add video recordings of the last two so it’s more clear what the issues are.


I’m still having the Midi notes in Key Editor out of sync !!! HELP!!!


I haven’t seen your post in this thread before. Could you please describe your use case?

Tryto describe your problem in a new thread. What you are referring to was fixed in Cubase 12. Thanks.

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Thanks I actually figured it out. It was a little confusing but it seems I had the midi grid set to seconds instead of beats. :man_facepalming:t2: