Can we PLEASE finally get a true, instantaneous "ABORT" for Export Audio Mixdown?

You’re a lucky guy. For many others a “plain” Nuendo install is about as useful as a car without wheels.

+1 on this issue. Multiple purpose-built high end machines, various high end I/O (RME, Yamaha etc.)

Yes, but did you try?

Why should I do this? Bouncing an empty project (i.e. without any meaningful processing) is as telling as running a Volkswagen Diesel motor on an engine test stand.

Just a thought:

After the Abort command Nuendo sends a abort instruction to te plugins involved and waits for conformation from this plugins.
Some don’t, hence Nuendo is waiting and after a timeout aborts.


That would be fine with me - but as it is now, the “time-out” happens after the whole export actually took place. Not funny in case of 90 minutes export (actually not even in case of 10).

Nuendo as the host application should be able to terminate the process on request, even if the plug-ins’ confirmations were not received,

Been told by a developer (but that was a while ago) that this is not possible. Apparently the CPU cycles are controlled by the OS, and the OS only. So Nuendo can not “order” the OS to release this-or that specific cycle from another application.


In that case it would be great to see at least some kind of meaningful info like “Plug-in XY by manufacturer ZZ prevents Nuendo from aborting”. This would help us to eliminate the culprits from the processing chain(s) and to put some pressure on the 3rd-party developers.

Abort works well on Pro Tools. I use the same mix template as I do in Nuendo. Mostly UAD, Kush, Softube and when I abort an offline export in Pro tools, it just works so I doubt it’s an OS problem. (Win 10 21H1 here)

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It still might be a format-specific implementation issue then (AAX >< VST) …

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I think it has to do with the fact that Nuendo pre-loads all plugins upon startup.
If memory serves well, this is done to speed up the insertion of the plugin.
If a plugin isn’t pre-loaded, then a bunch of calculations (latency, etc …) need to be done before the plugin is ready to use. Which takes time. Both systems have their advantages. It’s a choice.


1 “Why? “ because it will tell you very fast if it is a plug-in issue.
2 who said anything about an “empty project”?
Is it so difficult for you to load a few tracks and trying to abort an export in safe mode? It should take you less 2 minutes…
Forget about the VW, it’s more like driving a fast Porsche in a good track., because if it works you continue with your troubleshooting, and you just hunt down the bad plugin.

For the sake of completeness:

+1 Issue here as well. Enough time to spare to write this post!

Same happens on Cubase as well.
Sometimes the process bar does not animate at all but that one is hard to pinpoint though…

Just happened to me the other day, again.
Nuendo, as usual, didn’t abort and knowing how long this export was going to last for this extended project it was MUCH faster to kill Nuendo and start the .npr again. Always good to safe projects right before exporting…
There’s got to be a way to have a pop up window asking if you really want to abort and if you want to safe the project prior to that. Dietz was working on a whopper machine and mine is comparatively old and weak. So it hits a variety of set-ups and that is surely a problem for Steinberg to look into and solve.

+1. Definitely need a true “ABORT” function to just literally kill the damn exporting process, but within Nuendo/Cubase.

Try Saving the project while you wait.
Somtimes this worked for me during waiting for DOP processes.


What’s interesting is if you do a real time export and abort, it works as it should.

While SB are at it, how about a genuine Abort function, while loading a project.