'Cancel' does not work during "Import/Export" process...

Hello! I searched the forum, but not found similar. I want to ask the community: If you start importing audio from video files - it is impossible to cancel the operation. Nuendo generally ceases to react to the CANCEL button. The same thing happens if I start the “export” process. Nuendo hangs tightly and only one way to stop is force quit Nuendo from task Manager. Does anyone have similar behavior? I work with localization of foreign films and programmes, and sometimes the project is for 10-15 episodes, each lasting 20 to 50 minutes, but it happens in short projects. In Reaper, for example, the same projects do not cause problems. But I prefer Nuendo, including because of its Control Room functions, the flexibility of ADR and the ability to assign any keyboard shortcuts. And again, Nuendo 8 importing audio from MP4 files lightning fast - with zero duration! (without any alerts)! Nuendo 7 pulls the audio from these MP4 files without problems.
I would appreciate feedback! Thanks!

I got the same issues, you’re not the only one !

When loading an .npr project Abort too is not working.

Yikes, I use that a lot (when I realize just a moment too late that I set it up wrong, or sometHing like that).

Between that, the Cue toggle bug, and a few others, I’m beginning to think I’ll wait till 9.5.01 before updating from 9.0.20. Shame, I’d sure like to take advantage of some of the new cool features.

Thank you all for the reviews! ))

This glitch has been present since as long I have used Cubase (nearly 10 years now). What’s the deal?!?!?

and this persists into cubase 11!!!

I’m typing this as cubase is exporting my mix with only one track soloed, after I clicked on “abort” a few times to no avail…

Can we PLEASE finally get a true, instantaneous "ABORT" for Export Audio Mixdown?