Can you Change the Tuning of Cubase?

Hello people…

I want to write in pythagorean tuning (432hz) all of my softsynths and my samples. What should I do? Which is the most convenient way?

As far as setting A to 432, and also setting the temperament, this would be done in each individual VSTi or synth you are using.

wow…is this the only way???..what about a pitch shift plugin on the master output?

If you are talking about actual pythogrean tuning, then how would a simple pitch shift accomplish that?

If i actually play in A=440 and put a pitch shift plugin on the master output that detunes by -31,8 semitones I will hear in A=432hz, isn’t it?

That sounds pretty convenient?

31,8 semitones… isn’t that like (almost) 21 complete tones… and thus about 2 octaves? Which would be nog 440 hz, but 110 hz?

There is not one tuning that is Pythagorean tuning. 432hZ would be using D as base note. It’s a type of Just intonation. So you would need to retune for every key you are playing in. There are some plug ins that do this by sending pitch change information to each single tone of many many grouped mono synth plugins so you can control each individual pitch. It’s not a very user friendly system. This is how you have to deal with alternate tunings usually. There is that one modern tuning systenm where the scale adjusts automatically based on the intervals played-I forget what it’s called and can’t happen in the real world but only with software. Begins with “H”…

Yes, begins with H, Hermode Tuning. But Cubase’s implementation is locked at A=440.

Tuning temperaments is very deep stuff, and well beyond the scope of Cubase itself, I have learned.

Kontakt sampler (through 3rd party software, and Windows only) and Plogue Aria Player support Scala files, with which you can create your own temperaments, and Kontakt has its built in and user tunings, and the base note and tuning can be controlled with midi CCs. Halion allows tuning of individual pitches also.

Hermode Tuning in Cubase does work though, as long as the VSTi supports Steinberg microtuning messages. Halion and Halion Sonic SE do.

There’s also the included Micro Tuner Plugin :wink:

The limitations I described also apply to that module, of course.

Once again Steve doesn’t know what he’s rambling about. Kontakt has always been cross-platform Win and Mac.

Also take a look at the Micro Tuner MIDI effect. Page 169 in the “Plug-in Reference” PDF.

How insulting and unecessary, Svenne. What I said was that to use Scala files in Kontakt is possible through a 3rd party app that is Windows only. I’m referring to

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So is there any convenient way in Cubase to compose in 432hz?