Can you set a different track delay for each kontakt output (multi output kontakt instance)

Hello, is it possible within 1 kontakt instance but multiple output, to have one delay for each output ?
I come from FL studio and there you can set the negative delay in the mixer track.
I want to use cubase with the expression maps but would love to be able to have multiple track delays


You can set the (negative) delay on the source MIDI Track. But you can’t do so on the Audio Return Channel, what is an automation Track in fact.

For some context, FL Studio had pretty poor plugin delay compensation (PDC). I believe the mixer delay was primarily created to address that shortcoming, with the ability to use that to compensate for articulation attack times being a bit of an unintended side effect. Cubase and Nuendo have some of the best automatic PDC in the industry, so such a feature was never a necessity before. (Of course you can still set delays for hardware devices manually)

In Cubase, track delays should be set at the source (the Audio/MIDI/Instrument track itself, using the Inspector) like Martin said. Currently, you’ll need to use a separate MIDI track for each articulation to compensate for their attack times.

Being able to set delays per articulation using Expression Maps is a pretty popular feature request. You can vote for that and other Expression Map improvements here: Expression Map - Helpful Additions

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Thanks. Yes cubase is by far better

I will just separate my instruments into 4 categories : legato, long, shorts, pizzicato

I think that most librairies on the market will fit somewhere into those 4 different delay compensation