Can you show the multi out output channel on your project window?

If you have a multi out instrument track and you enable its outputs…can you set it so that the audio output shows up in your project window instead of just the mixer?

If not, do you have any other work arounds or suggestions?

If you toggle the Automation R/W on & off for the Channel that should cause it to appear in the Project Window. You might also need to set it Visible in the Left Zone.

Thank you so much Raino!
Can you also record the audio into the same track? Say you want to manually automate and something or just want to record in real time instead of bouncing.

It has never worked for me with an Instrument track. What happens is that I get an added slot in the inspector, allowing me to choose between the different activated output busses. That’s why I have always used multi outputs VSTis/external instruments as Instrument Rack ones until now : this way, any output bus activated for the involved instrument appears immediatly, with no need to toggle the R/W state of it.

Could you give us a screenshot showing the different output busses of a same instrument in the Arrange page with eventually how to proceed ? Here, toggling R/W on a given channel works only if it is already defined as either an input or an output bus in the Audio Connections window.

Thanks !

Concerning the recording, and AFAICS, it’s possible to record in real time if you set the instrument as an instrument rack : this way, and using a dummy bus, you can directly record the audio. I could be wrong, but if I remember well, this is allowed only if you have the Pro version of Cubase (at least, that was the case in the C4/C4 Studio days…).

An example below, using _render as dummy bus : the outputs of the VST instruments > EmulatorX folder are routed to _render. The inputs of the two audio tracks allowing the record are also set to this bus. The result is the following :


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