Cannot assign CTRL-ALT-M

Hi, I may have found a bug in the Key Commands menu.
Cannot input CTRL-ALT-M in the key assignment field.
Someone made a thread about this for Dorico but was unable to resolve the issue.
While I do have an NVidia GPU, I do NOT have GeForce installed.

To reproduce:
Open Key Commands, try typing CTRL-ALT-M in the field.
For me, it does nothing.
Cubase Pro 12.0,52, Windows 11

I had a similar issue with a different combination. See if this helps:

Ctrl+Shift+0 not accepted as key command (due to Windows and Office programs) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

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Interesting find! Looked it up and just like you, I could not get CTRL-SHIFT-0 to work because CTRL-SHIFT was assigned to my keyboard layout switch. However, it didn’t solve my problem with CTRL-ALT-M as CTRL-ALT is not assigned to anything in the keyboard/language switching box.

For me it is even assigned to a function:

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Interesting! That function to me is assigned to Alt-M. Not sure if by default or because I couldn’t get Ctrl-Alt-M to work.

I have Ctrl+Alt+M assigned (and working) to Export Audio Mixdown…

Are you on Windows 11? Cubase 12?

Sorry, forgot to mention! I’m on Windows 10 Pro and Cubase Pro 12.0.52

Don’t know if this has anything to do with your issue:

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“Macrium Reflect” was the culprit application.
Not sure if it’s ability to “respond” to the hotkey means it was running in the background?
I sure don’t want such a rarely used app running in the background.

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