Cannot load VST virtual instruments


I recently purchased Cubase 12 Elements, and nothing is working really.
So for one thing I cannot load any virtual instruments.
When installing Cubase, it gave me the option to also install some libraries, so I opted in to install the “HAlion Factory” and “HAlion trip” libraries.
When then double clicking an instrument to import it, it said something similar to “couldn’t import instrument. Because it’s a newer version or the plugin is incompatible”.

When I opened other 3rd party libraries (e.g. Spitfire Discovery by BBC), it showed the instruments for a few seconds, but then all instruments disappeared, and I cannot see them in the navigator anymore.

How do I fix this?
I use Windows 11.


Make sure, you have also HALion Sonic SE (application) installed and you have the latest update installed.

Provide the exact message, please.

I have HALion Sonic SE installed already.

I cannot recreate the message.
The message appeared with a delay, and I accidently clicked on the “Don’t show again” box.
Felt kind of clumsy.
How can I make it so messages previously marked as “Don’t show again” will be shown again?


What message was it?

It said something similar to “couldn’t import instrument. Because it’s a newer version or the plugin is incompatible”.

You don’t have it. Use the Download Asst to install.

When I open the Steinberg Install Assistant, nothing happens and no app opens up.
This is the most unfriendly software for beginners lol.

That program is for internal use by the Download asst, so you can’t use it.

Keep it simple, and follow these steps literally:

  1. Run the Download Assistant
  2. Navigate to the Cubase Elements 12 tab

3. Download and install HSSE 3.5.10

4. Download the content

Reply with the result.


Ah, so those are two separate Install assistant programs.
Well, nah, it’s already installed actually. Oof, complicated.

Please check the version within the software itself, not in the Download Asst.

Here is how to check for the software version:
Load an instance of Halion Sonic SE (no content needed), show its window, and click on the name display

This is the version number:

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I’m not sure what you mean by “Load an instance” and “show it’s window”.
In any way I installed the latest version that the download assistant suggested, and it’s already written in the Assistant which version it is (3.5.10)

I’ve already spent way too much time on this. There are also other issues just to make the software run. I don’t have time for this, I will try to return it, hopefully Steinberg will be fair and accept a reimbursement.

“Load the VST and open it.”

You didn’t explain at all what you mean by that, you basically just repeated the same thing you already said.
I still don’t know what you mean.

According to your very first post you already know how to open VST instruments :

Steve is simply asking you to open HALion and check the installed version. Can’t you just see the images he posted ? That is for the “couldn’t import instrument because it’s a newer version or the plugin is incompatible” issue.

As for the “I cannot load any virtual instruments” or “it showed the instruments for a few seconds, but then all instruments disappeared” issue, the plugins probably don’t have the “Always in front” option active, and what happens is that the plugin window goes in the background as soon as you click outside of it.
Please look at your task bar and see if you have multiple windows open here for the Cubase program. Once you bring your instrument in front, right-click on top of its window where the bypass buttons etc are, and enable “always in front” in the contextual menu that appears.

Ah, alright.
The version is 3.5.10

No, I was talking about Cubase.

But I’m not trying to fix it anymore, it’s taking too much time.

Click the left arrow or home button :
(Clicking an Instrument in the Media tab shows its presets. You have to click the left arrow to return to the previous view, just like in any file/media explorer)


At this point, no software is user-friendly for those who have no idea what a left arrow button does.
Every software work like this, including operating systems, this is some very basic computer handling here.

Haha, as if insulting me will do any good. I wasn’t expecting such an unprofessional response.

You didn’t even understand the problem.
I can open the Halion libraries.

But when I open third library instruments, instruments show for a second, but then no instruments appear:

So I guess we can leave it at that. I don’t need your help anymore.
If Steinberg also, instead of listening to feedback, they just insult their customers, that would explain a few things.

Alright, actually these are VST presets. Just because HALion ships with presets doesn’t mean this is the case with all instruments.

Many instruments don’t come with any VST preset, but you can still create your own and save them, in which case they will appear there.

And no, it doesn’t show the presets for a brief moment and then they disappear. The flickering you see is just a graphical artifact when the keywords initialize, but as you can see during that time, no presets appear, it’s only the keywords/categories. Since there is no preset, there is nothing to show and the keywords quickly disappear.

From the beginning you are calling the presets “instruments”, and I was thinking you were talking about the actual VST Instruments, I mean the plugins.
That’s a lot of guess work when you guys don’t use the right terms to explain your issues. My sincere apologies if the response seemed unprofessional, but I believe that based on the information available at this time, it was accurate.