Cannot update download assistant / Login prob

Download Assistant says it needs to auto-update. Then I get a dialogue box that just goes on forever on child app steinberg-updatehelper-win.exe

Thought I could simply uninstall and re-install but cannot find a link to the program at SB web site. I get the dreaded 403 'Forb

I then re-started computer and tried Download Assistant again. Now I get a new red message to ‘Sign In’, which takes me to a ForgeRock web site which gives the error message.

invalid_client Client authentication failed

Any ideas?

TOTAL buzz kill. Sorry for the rant, but one gets a limited amount of time to work on ‘music’ and you fire up the thing and this… all these “auto-updates” happens too often.

Confirmed, just got this too while trying to update a laptop. In my case, SDA is asking for authorisation – whichis normal – but it’s now opening Microsoft Edge insteadof my default browser Firefox.

How dare someone? (as yet unidentified: was it a Microso$t update or a Steinberg update that caused this to happen?)

I updated the desktop and one other laptop during the week with no issue.

Server is broken or temp/emergency maintenance

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Cheers Steve!

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Only MS could change a default app.

Is anybody else seeing the same as this when they try to login to My Steinberg?

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Yes I am getting this too. I Cannot access download manager either.

Yes, exactly that.

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Forgerock … “Orchestrate your way to superior customer experiences”

if they had only gone with Forgejazz or Forgeclassical we wouldn’t be in this quandary


But this should not stop you from running Cubase, correct?

Well … we’re now all pretty much dependent on internet stuff, whether we like it or not. One of the big arguments in favour of the famed “dongle” a.k.a. USB-eLicenser was it’s very independence, once you’d activated the license on it.

We all remember the fiascos that occurred with every new release; I got into the habit of updating the licence first, before downloading the product, knowing that the eLicenser server was going to go down as soon as America woke up :slight_smile:

Of course it’s a “buzz-kill” if, like many, your only time for doing Steinberg downloads/licensing/updates/installs is on weekends. The current process is a nightmare that we all hope will be just that, a nightmare, and that sometime soon, we’ll awake to a kinder, simpler world where authorizations “just work”.

On a more serious note, an outage like this could have massive reputational consequences for Steinberg.

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Trying to open older CPR. C12 was insisting that various plugs (eg. GA) not installed.

Found workaround. Being ‘old guy hoarder’ I had backups of all installers.

Regardless, this is not some idle rant. I am sure SB takes uptime seriously. Still, the utter dependence on literally -dozens- of inter-connected ‘services’ every time you fire up the DAW does not feel like ‘progress’. It has started to feel as rickety now as all the bitching so many of us used to do about VST24 25 years ago.


Hopefully it’s not only we old guys who do real and useful backups. No matter how “transparent” and “automagical” companies make the installation process, it’s still, at base, no different than it was 30 years ago. If one wants to be 99.999% assured that they can work, this type of backup is needed.


Nobody, absolutely nobody I know, backs up anything. Historians in the future (if one exists) will find that recorded history stopped sometime around 2015.

Who knew anything about a dependence on whoever “Forgerock” is before this?

Absolutely true—except 10X. This is -the- dirty little secret of government. There was a period starting in the early 90’s… my company was complicit… where everyone bought into ‘paperless’, stopped taking these things called ‘minutes’ at various meetings… and there is literally no evidence that any number of events occurred. IMO, it’s a key reason government/people repeat so many mistakes. In many contexts, after about 5 years, you can make up almost any poop you want. And just writing that sounds all ‘conspiracy theorist’.

Let’s not even talk about “agile” software development – chuck somthing out there, see what happens, hope for the best and ask the accountants what needs to be fixed first, if at all.

A most perfect example is the Steinberg Download Assistant. It started out as a disaster, gradually improved, seems to be getting better, but now we find we’re tethered to some anonymous third (fourth? fifth?) sub-contractor.

So, instead of “owning” the right to use the software, in the form of a physical device with the license (the USB e-Licenser) we are now serfs in the kingdom of those who control the internet services — services which could become inaccesible for any number of reasons.

Wondering what might happen when one’s connection to the internet goes down does not make one a conspiracy theorist.

Hello Everyone.
Firstly I agree with you all that use this as a ‘busineass as usual’ application. That it is not acceptable!

Has anyone researched ForgeRock? … ‘Security is hard’, and that’s to quote the best. Seems to me they use them (ForgeRock) for somekind of access management.

Entropy exists and we have to stick a plaster on it now and then. I am sure Yamaha/Steinberg will sack ForgeRock if they fail to meet the SLA. Easy for me to say 'cos C12 is hobby not BAU.

… but who do we sack if we fail to meet our SLA with our clients?

That’s why, as bad as it was, the USB-eLicenser was the least-worst option.

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