Cannot update routing for a player

I have a player called Keyboard 2 with IRV on. As you can see in the screenshot below, it is routed to Bank 03, Port 1, Channel 9:

Now I would like to route “Staff (b)” to another endpoint in another Bank - only for the current flow. So I just select the item from the list:


It then quickly jumps to Bank 04 before “something bad happens” and I end up on top of my player list:


The routing is not changed. So I cannot change the Bank at all.

There is other strange behaviour, when I only try to change the Channel (not the Bank), this leads to another Staff being added in Play mode:

However changing the channel works eventually. Changing the Bank never does. This is reproducible on other instruments in my project.

I fiddled around with a new project and it seems to be buggy if:

  • IRV is turned on
  • “This flow” is selected
  • You try to change Bank

If “All flows” is selected, it works as expected.

I’m using the latest version Dorico 4.0.20.

Unfortunately I’m still in 3.5 so won’t be much help. But in general I found that to change the routing of a different staff of an instrument you need to create a new voice, either upstem or downstem. Otherwise Dorico will stubbornly persist on using the same VST for both staves.

Thanks for your reply, @Bollen. What you describe might work, but it’s not really feasible for my work. I’m really wondering if this is a bug or somehow intended behaviour. Maybe @dspreadbury could tell more?

It really shouldn’t be a problem, once you change the very first note on that staff it’ll persist for the rest of the score and it will have the same appearance. However, I will point out that I have now moved to version 4 and have encountered a bug that produces similar strange behaviour.

@Bollen Thanks, I have tried this again and again in version 4 and it just won’t work, even if I create a new voice. At least some acknowledgement from the Dorico team about this being a bug would be nice. It seems it is just not possible to change the routing to a different rack in the scenario described above.

I think this is this bug here: Still scared to save in 4.0.30 - Playback breaking bug

I’m amazed that so very few users experience this, must be the reason they’ve given playback such a low priority.

Yes, such a low priority…!

@dspreadbury By reading the post linked here, I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same issue. In the linked post, you wrote:

I have a suspicion about why this might be happening, and we’ll look into it as soon as we can.

Since you seem to be working on it, is the issue I reported really related?

Oh my dear Daniel, don’t take it as a criticism, I didn’t mean it like that at all. Since Dorico 1 playback and the Play window have been buggy, dodgy and unfinished. However, the notation department has been revolutionary! I accept that this is a result of priorities and if anything, I’m disappointed at how few DAW users have crossed over, NOT the development team.

I bought the Dorico 4 update back in March and still haven’t been able to use it. I did not request a refund and I have only inquired, not pressured, about when the bug might be fixed. I think that shows I’m patient and understanding.

To return to the original issue reported by @LorenzU in this thread, I’ve tried again tonight to reproduce the problem and have been unable to. Here’s what I did:

  1. Start a new empty project and add a section player holding a cello.
  2. Ensure you’re using the standard HSSE+HSO (Pro) playback template, and that a single instance of HSSE has been loaded with the HSO cello section sound loaded.
  3. Create a divisi change at the start of the flow so that the cello now shows two staves.
  4. Write some simple music in each of the two staves (I wrote a badly misremembered snippet of the cello duet from Schubert’s string quintet).
  5. Switch to Play mode and switch to the VST Rack tab in the inspector.
  6. Add another instance of HSSE to the rack.
  7. In the interface of the new instance of HSSE, load an obviously different sound into the first channel (I chose “Noisy baritone sax”).
  8. Choose the Inspector tab in Play mode.
  9. Select the Violoncello track in the track overview, then click Turn on IRV in the Routing section of the inspector.
  10. Select Staff (b) 1 in the track overview, corresponding to the second of the two divisi sections.
  11. Again in the Routing section, choose the new instance of HSSE from the drop-down listing the VST instruments in the rack.
  12. Play back.

EXPECTED: The first cello divisi section plays back using the HSO cello sound, the second using the slightly preposterous baritone sax sound.
ACTUAL: As expected.

Please try the above steps, @LorenzU, and let me know where things diverge for you. It would also be worth you trying this in the recent Dorico 4.1 update, if you’ve not yet updated to it.