can't change my meter appearance

In Preferences there are various metering options. No matted what i do I cannot change them, they always revert back to the standard. I’ve tried saving a pre set, but I cannot get my meters to change.

i can edit the current one but that’s it.

Anyone else having this issue? It’s very similar to the pre roll metronome count issue in that it’s like your key stroke isn’t recognised on the menu choice.


It’s a bug, little hope it will ever be fixed

About the metronom bugs, same situation…

cheers…at least I’m not going mad :smiley:


ASRock x570 Taichi -Ryzen 3950x-16 core -32 gigs 3600 DDR4- AMD 580- Windows 10 x64-OSX Mojave- AXR4-Euphonix mix,Transport-CC121-Cubase

How could you go mad with such a decent build?

Wondering how smoothly it runs with Cubase? I have a mate who provides systems for studios and does a lot of research and testing and he told me that some Ryzen CPUs may suffer from their design in the area of internal latency. Not sure about yours, perhaps it’s only about the Threatdrippers, which have a 2-die layout, if I am not mistaken.

If one day I will have to build a new system I will for sure look into AMD first :slight_smile:


:mrgreen: runs sweet as a nut :mrgreen: serioulsy great machine. Can run @32 sample buffer on my AXR4U . If I up the buffers for mixing I can use a whole load of Aqua/nebula plugins across a mix. I’d have no hesitation recommending the Ryzen. Installing Mojave was a breeze too on a separate drive.

when the new 5950x comes out I’m gong to be selling the 3950x so let me know if you want to buy it :smiley: