Can't close vst effects' windows, they only turn black

When I try to close some vst effect windows as the Cableguys PanCake2 or the NAT 3D sound mixer the windows don’t disappear. They only turn black and I can’t close them. When loading the effects again the old black windows are still there.

I work on a Mac with Yosemite.


Please download and instal the latest version of Cubase Pro 8 the 8.0.5 update:

Are you sure those plug-ins are supported on 10.10?

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I’ve already installed the update.

And I’m quite sure(definitely sure about the NAT 3D plugin) that both worked fine under cubase 7.5 and Yosemite.

I have the same problem since I’ve upgraded my mac os to yosemite.

Please, see my reply here:

to our knowledge this happens in an unsupported case: the plug-in overlays a window based on a different framework than Cubase’s. This cannot be fixed on our side.

Can you please try the following:

  1. Running Cubase in 64-bit (as far as I’m aware this affects the 32-bit version only)
  2. Use the VST3 version of the plug-in, if available, as VST3 supports the above scenario.

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