Can't find Audio>process>pitch/octave shift - Elements 7

Hi All
With my old (2007) version of Cubase LE I’m sure there was a pitch shift or octave shift process (I can’t remember exactly what its name was). This wasn’t in the channel settings but in the top control bar under Audio>Process. This was particularly useful for composing bass guitar tracks on the hoof using a standard guitar as one only had to carry the one guitar about.
I can’t seem to find this in Cubase Elements 7. Does it exist and if so where do I find it?

Maybe this will help.

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Hi Prock
Thanks for your reply but the only stuff I can find in the manual is all to do with MIDI. I’m after an audio process
Now that you mention that word it might well have been called “transpose” in the old LE Audio>Process menu along with things like phase reverse etc.
My requirement is for processing audio, not MIDI. There’s a pitch shift in the individual audio channel inserts but that doesn’t do it the same and is all a bit weird and wobbly/muddy. The thing I had before made an acoustic guitar lead sound like a plucked double bass.
[I’ll try to mend my old Westone Thunder IA to use that - a black inner from the pickup lead has detached from somewhere in the switch zone - probably somewhere on the push/pull/turn one as that’s where all the others go to.]