Can't find Prologue / Mystic / Spector in Cubase 12

Where do I find this file?

Some old SB products are still available here: Downloads | Steinberg. Previously in the list Groove Agent One was present, but it seems to have disappeared from this list.

The one and the VST Classics vol. 1 and 2 worked very well under Cubase 11.

I kept the GAOne archive, if you absolutely want it, I can give you a download link. Just send me an email.

Some Cubase VSTs are gone in the past :wink:
Be aware if ZPlane close their doors :sweat_smile:

There’s actually more flexibility than that because of how smartly Steinberg designed their backward compatibility in Cubase. Most of the time when folks think of backwards compatibility it’s something like - will the latest version of Cubase open an old Project created with Cubase 7.5? Which it will.

But it works the other way too. You can create a Project in Cubase 12 and then open and edit it using Cubase 7.5. If you do this, you of course won’t have access to any features added with Cubase 8 or later, so if you’ve used a Sampler Track it won’t be available. However if you save this Project with 7.5 and then open this now 7.5 Project using Cubase 12 your Sampler Track will be there just like before.

This means you can still use retired synths in current Projects by opening the Project (or a copy if you have a proper sense of caution) in an earlier version of Cubase which does support that synth, record the synth Part & then Render it so you can use its Audio in the current version of Cubase.


Very relieved to see Loopmash can be ported over. I’d pretty well written off an upgrade for the forseeable future because of that. I’ll sit and wait for the quick-buy beta testers to find the bugs first though. the 0.5 upgrades are generally the ones to upgrade to IMO, so I can wait. And no reason a dongle can’t continue working for many years yet, as long as it’s looked after carefully.

Loopmash FX is still there and the Loopmash Content is still in the Cubase 12 installer category/list in Download Assistant, so it’s slightly confusing. Is that content just something they forgot to remove? If so, I’d like to remove it, Lol. If it’s used with Loopmash FX, then I’ll keep it there… “just in case.”

The Loopmash Virtual Instrument is definitely gone, though.

But, honestly, I’d just use Stutter Edit 2 and/or a sampler for that stuff.

None of the synths they removed are of any worth to me. It’s just a bit of a soft de-bloat, to me.

I am not a fan of removing Mystic and Prologue, they both still have a unique sound I like.


Prologue, Mystic and Spector seem to be synths that originate from an old Steinberg VST “D’cota” D'cota by Steinberg - Synth (Hybrid) Plugin VST. By the way, this D’Cota VST seems to have a lot in common with the VSTs from VirSyn Software Synthesizer TERA

When SB abandoned this VST which offered 3 forms of synthesis: Advanced analog/spectrum/wave impulse and seems to have incorporated this into CB in the form of the three modules that we know. I find it a bit sad that they are completely neglected. It would have been interesting to create a module integrating these three synths, a bit like KORG Legacy Cell, which offers the possibility of combining certain synths from the Korg collection, thus offering completely new possibilities.

Well, a decision has been made and we’ll have to live with that in the future, but all is not lost in keeping a pre-v12 version installed.

Thanks for this, now able to retrieve Prologue in some still ongoing tracks. Would be nice if they could warn in advance when they are going to pull synths from the new version.
I agree that Prologue had some sounds which are a bit unique, shame to lose it!

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Quite so. A period of reduced support whilst noting a feature is deprecated is standard practise in most software. Not just yanking stuff!

Deprecation is standard practice for APIs/Libraries (OpenGL, OpenCL, etc.), as software can break if you remove the APIs wholesale. In those cases, you mark them for removal ahead of time and give developers time to transition to something else. This is why Apple uses Rosetta for years after changing processor architectures. The principle is the same.

For instruments or plug-ins like this, it isn’t really standard. These types of things are removed all the time without a grace period. These synths aren’t really any different than the old plug-ins they removed. DAWs often do this when partnerships shift and they cannot bundle plug-ins developed by third parties in the latest software release.

Developers routinely do this. It is unremarkable.

Actually the engines of Prologue, Spector and Mystic can be found in Tera directly as anaTERA, specTERA and waveTERA.

There was a question in another thread, if presets could be converted into TERA, which for the moment is impossible, but…

TERA is not abandoned (spoke with the developer a week ago), so if there is enough demand (and something to gain for the developer) he might / could program a Preset converter from Prologue/Spector/Mystic to TERA .

One can dream…

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(post deleted by author)

Yes, I do not have prologue either.

Well, with Prologue / Spector / Mystic now yanked from Cubase 12, I bet there’s quite a bit of latent demand for such a converter, and plenty of people (myself included) who would buy the TERA synth if such patch conversion was possible!

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Sad to hear Prologue is gone, was hoping that Steinberg would do an updated version like they did with Retrologue. I do not use Prologue very much but always thought that it was a good, easy to use VSTi Synth for layering. It’s low overhead had minimal impact to CPU load as well. Maybe they’ll bring it back in the future (but that’s highly unlikely, once Steinberg removes something it’s usually gone for good).


I suspect with the death of the dongle, HALion 7 may start looking a lot more attractive to some people; especially Cubase users.

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Funny you mention HALion, after I posted my comment about Prologue I wondered if I could recreate it as a HALion instrument. Might give it a try, I’ve been wanting to build a custom instrument with HALion’s macro designer.

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Halion 6 does not require a hardware dongle… fwiw

My Halion 6 sure does require the eLicenser. Steinberg Downloader doesn’t seem to have a newer version to offer me. What version are you running?

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