Can't get multiple outputs from Kontakt routed to Dorico mixer correct

I have been struggling with this for a few hours. I have a very simple Kontakt setup with 8 stereo instruments. It seems like I have all the audio output routing correctly within Kontakt itself. Within Kontakt I can select each individual instrument and play on the little keyboard inside kontakt and I see the audio signal in the Kontak mixer coming out of the correct channel.

Hopefully this 0:40 long video will demonstrate the issue.
The first three outputs map correctly from Kontakt to Dorico. Then the next two outputs are coming out of Kontakt but not playing in the mixer. Finally the last three outputs are coming out of Kontaks but are shifted over to the wrong outputs in Dorico.

I am new to trying to make my own Playback template, but as far as I can tell my endpoint setup is correct. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

At this point, I’ve given up on trying to figure it out. I switched to three instance of kontakt with three outputs each and that routes correctly. For some reason I can’t get channels 4 and 5 to come out of Kontakt in to Dorico.

I’ve had related problems… you could try the Kontakt Presets/Batch Configuration menu and select Batch functions, then 'Clear output section and create one indiv…"
Just a thought…

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Holy crap! I’ve spent MANY HOURS, yesterday and today, trying to get a similar situation fixed (trying to get the instruments to output through their corresponding mix channels, using Kontakt) and it was only your suggestion that finally fixed the problem. OMG, I’m so happy/relieved/grateful!!!

FWIW, perhaps to anyone else with a similar problem, I decided to just make a multi with a single Kontakt instance (instead of 4 instances; I’m working on a quartet, so 1 instance per inst) and that may have contribute to the fix. Not sure yet but I’m just delirious with happiness right now, so putting it out there for anyone who might be suffering like I was. :slight_smile:

Big thanks, fratveno!

Would this thread have helped you?

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LOL, yes, in fact, Marc, it would have, very much. Thanks!

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I don’t think this solves my original issue (I was using the mixer in kontakt), because the issue was how Dorico routs the output from Kontakt strangely. It’s been a while since I looked at this issue though.