How to route different instruments in one instance of Kontakt (7) to different faders of Dorico

Dear fellow Doricians,
I’ve been searching for this today, and thought it could be nice to share a simple recipe.
It can happen that when you call some Kontakt instrument (like a string quartet from Spitfire or Cremona) or any other marvellous sampled instruments that play in Kontakt, you have only one fader in the Dorico mixer that receives all the audio signal.
I find the UI of Kontakt to be everything but nice to the user. Because there are two UI on top of each other, Kontakt’s UI and the instrument’s UI. Sooooo many little buttons, so many different settings, etc…
Kontakt’s documentation does exist, but I found the answer to that question in a Kontakt 5 documentation — that’s like 5 or 6 years old?

Here’s the thing : there is an outputs window in Kontakt. Yes. And that’s the answer, pure and simple. And for an obscure reason, it’s hidden by default.

Click on the fourth icon of the top left row of icons (red rectangle here) and… tick the unticked Outputs line (yellow rectangle) and the outputs window will appear under your loaded instruments (pink rectangle):

Once you’re there, you’re almost done. You can tweak them as you want, or use the Preset/Batch Configuration (which has a Factory>32 st outputs that should tackle all your needs, honestly), and then you can use the different available outputs to route your loaded instruments and control them directly independently on the Dorico console.

Hope it helps!


If you’re doing this as an instance in VEPro, you also need to create additional outputs that correspond to the Kontakt outs.

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In Kontakt 7, it’s now possible to show the plugin in a kind of “minimal state” to earn real estate on the screen. Then you cannot show the outputs window! So it’s compulsory to exit that minimal state to set the outputs right. Hope it helps!