Can't get winter rats "bounce in place" to work

Tried several times it just isn’t happening for me, has anyone got this to work please?
the only thing that seems odd is that when i add a command in the macro in the window above they are in a different order…dunno if it’s supposed to be like that…

thanks, Kevin

From what I understand you’re trying to create a KC for BIP? Here’s a couple of links maybe they will help:

I don’t use KC for bouncing at this point I do it in real time should be fairly simple. You can also export in the project if you search the forum you should find it or go to steinberg’s YouTube channel.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Its so nice when someone steals someone else’s hard work.

Winterrats version works perfect here and has always done since he posted it on Steinbug :wink:

Original post of the macro

“Cough cough”

Well then obviously the previous version of the bounce you have bounced is still in the audio pool , delete it from the pool and trash and you will not have this problem … hang on let me guess ,you will be the only one too …

Look at the stats . no one else has ever complained on the forum about these issues so , cough cough

I am pointing out a bounce macro i made…
As to my issue- cubase keeps asking me to create a unique name (although i tick the "dont ask me again box)
Why are you so worked up?

Edit: p.s. With my macro, select the track and event you want to bounce…:wink:

What is the point of bounce in place?? I don’t understand. Sounds like it’s the same as clicking export audio?

it is basically…

what my macro does is:

once you select the track and event(s),it sets locators, solo’s the track, bounces (or exports/mixes down) the selected event(s) and places the bounced audio onto a new audio track. (bypassing all master bus fx - and then reactivating them when the file is bounced)
All using one button (KC)

so, one button saves quite a few clicks basically… (i guess its a workflow speeder upper)

Not exactly…this macro does it in one click…but I’m useless with “puters” and can’t seem to get it goin…

thankin everyone for trying to help…Kevin

Msg me if you want me to help via teamviewer or VNC…

My heartfelt thanks to ggc for remotely operating my computer and fixing the bounce in place macro…Kevin

^Obviously someone who either hasn’t had to do it for 100+ tracks, or doesn’t mind wasting a crap ton of time :slight_smile: Sorry, just getting tired of folks thinking this is a solution to a true BIP. The macro is sweet, and all props to winter rat for coming up with it, but it’s still not quite what a true BIP function would provide. Guess we can keep hoping it’s added in a future version.

Maybe lighten up a little. The question was quite innocent, he said he didn’t understand and asked what it was. I did not read it as saying BIP wasn’t needed.

It’s not a matter of needing to lighten up at all… Did you not notice the :slight_smile: Or the “sorry” for that matter? And nor did I take it as him saying it wasn’t needed at all. It just never fails that this is asked over and over in almost every BIP post, and needs to be explained again and again as it’s not the same. For the original poster, a true BIP solution would convert a midi track directly to an audio track and place it on a corresponding (or the same) track with the same or a similar naming convention. I think you misread my levity in the response.

Just saw the youtube video for Logic Pro X, BIP… Very nice feature. I hope Steinberg adds BIP to Cubase ASAP :smiley: