Can't Import AAF files from DaVinci Resolve

Hi, I’ve stumbled upon a problem when exporting AAF files from DaVinci Resolve. When trying to import embedded AAF files from Davinci Resolve into Cubase Pro 12 I get this error message:

Compatibility notes:

  • 132 unresolved media reference(s) inside the AAF file.

  • The DaVinci Resolve AAF file contains inconsistencies. The file import may be incomplete. Please check the import result.

I click “Ok” and then it just created the tracks without audio.
I must use embedded audio with the AAF because some of the dialogue is linked to the video files which are 75GB. BUT, if I don’t use embedded audio this works fine and links the audio correctly.

I’ve seen this post before, for instance this forum post. Sadly the solutions offered in here didn’t work for me. As of the other post I’ve seen that people blame Davinci Resolve for this which might be true. But what I find interesting is that the same AAF file (embedded) that created errors for me inside Cubase, works flawlessly inside Pro Tools. And that’s why I created a new post about this. Doesn’t that mean that Steinberg should look into this?

I’ve tried to use different settings suggested in the other forum post like:

  • Using video with.

  • Unchecking "Use unique filenames.

  • Checking "Render as discrete audio tracks.

Also this is my render settings inside DaVinci Resolve:

Software Versions:
Cubase Pro 12.0.70
Windows 11 22H2
DaVinci Resolve 18.6 Build 9
Pro Tools 2023.6.0

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I’m having issues too. I imported the Davinci Resolve AAF and got an error about missing files and inconsistencies.

Did you try what I suggested in the other thread? To not embed audio into the AAF file?

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-Select “Pro Tools” on deliver page.
-disable Video export in the “video” tab
-on Audio tab, choose Wave for format, and Linear PCM for codec.
-choose amount of frame handles (I normally suggest 90)
-Channels: Same as Source
-Bit depth 24

When you open the AAF in Cubase you may get a ‘missing files’ dialog, but just point it to the folder where the audio files are and it’ll link to them and should work.

A few editors I work with use Resolve and this works every time for them. Embedded AAF NEVER works. I’m in Nuendo but assuming I’d get the exact same results in Cubase.

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I opened the media embedded AAF flawlessly in ProTools and exported another AAF from there. I was able to open this new AAF in Cubase 12 with the embedded media. I think Cubase should look into this.