AAF import from DaVinci Resolve to Nuendo 11?

Trying to import an AAF from Davinci Resolve into Nuendo 11, but I only get empty tracks with the following error message:

Compatibility notes:

  • 196 unresolved media reference(s) inside the AAF file
  • The DaVinci Resolve AAF file contains inconsistencies. The file import may be incomplete. Please check the import result.

I know the export export settings have to be “just right.” Does anyone have a tried and true checklist of what settings will work successfully?

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It might be they used “pointers” instead of making new copies of the audio for you to use.

How large was the AAF file or ZIP file?

Last time I tried this I wrote the following on BMD’s forum:

I set the in/out points in Resolve and chose to export no video, and also chose NOT to embed audio into the AAF. So the result of this was a bunch of .mxf file in the same folder as the .AAF. Clearly that’s not very neat but whenever I tried to embed audio into the AAF - with or without ref video rendered alongside the aaf - import failed in Nuendo.

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i have been complaining about resolve aaf a few times here on forum, sadly no vord from steinberg yet…
but here is what my team found out:

  1. use standard “protools aaf export” from delivery page
  2. DO NOT EMBED audio !!!
  3. video editor must DELETE MUTED/DISABELED audio clips from timeline, because it causses the input error “FFFFFC2B”. it also causes some audio to “SHIFT” out of sync.
  4. video editors MUST cut audio clips ON FRAME, if they cut audio clips on sample level, audio will be out of sync in aaf.
  5. some times clip gain in resolve causes aaf errors, remove them in resolve before exporting aaf.
  6. audio crossfades and fades can also cause aaf errors, remove them in resolve.
  7. clip effects can also cause errors.
  8. if all else fail, pro tools will do the job perfectly …
    it took us about 6 months of testing resolve aaf files to figgure out what is going wrong, so our workflow is this :
    editors must cut clips on frames,
    do not use clip effects
    do not use crossfades and fades
    delete muted clips.

also update resolve, it solved some problems.


How out-of-sync was the audio in those cases? Was it a case of “quantizing” to the nearest frame or something else?

Well, sometimes they do, but the transistion to AAF might get you in trouble.
Creating an AAF from Final Cut Pro X will mostly result in stuff being randomly moved around +/- 1 frame.


no, it was something else. sometimes it goes off by 2 frames, sometimes by 12, 7, random. it is clearly visable if you have a chunk of sync audio from field recorder (lav1, lav2, boom etc…).
the whole clip is moved. i wil find screenshot and post it.

I see. I’ve seen this before but from Premiere and MC, if my memory is correct.

+/- 1 frame is not a problem, almost all nle (media composer in particular) quantizes audio clips to nearest frame in aaf. but when it is 7,10,15 frames, that is not normal.
thing that realy frustrates me is the fact that protools imports resolve aaf without those issues.
and i am realy tired of roundtrips…and subscriptions.
and if any clip is muted on resolve timeline, you can not import.
please steinberg, make aaf solid as it can be

never had issues with MC, that nle is rock solid. premiere had issues with audio-slipping inside clips

Sorry, I should have been more clear: I’ve seen the issue you described when an editor exported to AAF then importing into Pro Tools.

I can’t help but wonder if BMD is working with Avid to get the exports right for PT, but that that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re correct to spec. Just that it says “protools aaf export” instead of just “aaf export” makes me a bit ‘worried’.

yes, there were some issues with protools, but 9 out of 10 times it worked, and protools had an update to fix it.
i am worried to because aaf protocol was supposed to be identical for everyone who wants to implement it.
BMD forum is full of aaf issues, no word from devs. (ahhh sounds familliar)

another thing that worries me is a fact that 2 major production companies, and one brodcaster from my country ,that i have contracts with, has switched from MC, and premiere to resolve as their main nle

This is the typical BMD stuff.
I have a hard time believing the issues are with Nuendo.
Reslove is an unreliable wreck and nothing in it works as it should except for the grading module .

That’s the way it should be. Unfortunately …
In the past there were even cases where PT couldn’t import AAF’s from Mediacomposer.
And there were times where Nuendo was at fault.
But I think that Steinberg has their stuff together now.
All of the issues I have seen are created at the export-side.


Fredo,i hope they do :slight_smile:
for start it would be awsome if steinberg made some sort of “AAF ERROR LOG FILE” simmilar to protools.
something like : clip name"xy" on tc"01-12-35" failed to import because "corrupted,unsuported media,samplerate, bla bla…
that would give us a starting point to troubleshoot issues. because "failed to import aaf, or aaf containes inconsistencies, or aaf error fffffffc2b tels us nothing, but im sure steinberg knows.
“brute-force” import also would be nice, just ignore errors so we can start working and analysing.

UPDATE: Thank you all for the input. I was able to get it to import with the “AAF with .MXF FILES” export. However, some clips are blank/missing so I had to do a search as in this video:

So all is working ok now. 20 years later, still no great way of doing this :thinking:

I’m not a Nuendo 11 user but I’m guessing it’s the same code as in Cubase 11, so I do have an interest in (Cubendo’s) AAF capabilities and (in)compatibilities. FWIW I’ve been able to import AAF into Cubase 11 from Logic (clunky, but works) and both import from, and export to Vegas (which in fact works quite well).

I just wanted to post screen shots of what settings of DaVinci Resolve that worked for me. Just remember to do search of the folder like mentioned above.

From our delivery specs:

1.3 Audio Export

-Reference audio mix (may be included in Video reference) –including Slate (2pop) – see section 2.1 -AAF/OMF Export all audio tracks – Each track contains Slate (2pop) – see section 2.1 *AAF Export –if possible- to one file (Media referenced media not advised) -Tracks are properly named and audio is accordingly arranged. -Audio format: 48kHz – 24 or 16 bit

From Da Vinci Resolve

-AVID AAF preset / MXF audio (not WAV) Choose export without video, but still with handles selected on the video tab (18 frames).

From Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)

-Use third party tool X2Pro to export as AAF. (https://x2pro.net/) Know that FCPx doesn’t export all metadata, source timecode for example will be lost. -All effects must be rendered before export -To avoid problems, please convert all audio to 48kHz before export