Can't import video into Cubase

Cannot import any video formats into Cubase 6 64bit or 32 bit. I have tried about 10 different formats including .wmv, .avi, .mov, .mp4, .mpeg etc. None work. It says “invalid format”. I have windows 7 64 bit.

Do you have the Codecs for any of those formats on your computer? Cubase does not provide the codecs, they have to be installed independantly. Se the operation manual on page 510.
Not sure what else it could be.

So like for .mov files you need to install quicktime etc, yes I have all the codecs

Let me ask the obvious? Can you play the files in Quicktime? If you can play then in Quicktime you should be able to import them into C6, no problem.

Sorry to jack thread, but I have a video in avi format, that I couldn’t import into Cubase either. Yet it plays in WMP. I was only experimenting so wasn’t a big deal, but I am curious too why it didn’t work.

As Mr.roos says above, if the video plays in QuickTime then it should also play in Cubase. The current Cubase video engine is based on QuickTime only, as Steinberg dropped support for WMV formats. Make sure you have the latest QuickTime version installed in your system (if you don’t already) and then try playing it there. That’s the easiest way to confirm which videos will work in Cubase.


Try converting your file using MP4 as a container and H.264/AVC as a video codec (for audio I usually choose AAC codec with the bit rate of 128, but that’s a matter of taste). This combination never fails me when I need to import video into Cubase.


Information regarding the video engine can be found here[keyword_search]=video



I had a similar problem–couldn’t import the video, or when I could it wouldn’t play (black screen). Updating the codecs did not help, and the movies would play outside of Cubase. (I tried all the biggies: mp4, avi, mov).

Amazingly, updating my VIDEO DRIVER seems to have solved the problem!

Does anyone has a solution importing video in Cubase 6? I have Windows 7 64bit with Quicktime 7.7.1 and DIXV will all codecs. I tried to import a .MOV, .MPG, and .AVI file all without success. Tried both drag and drop and Import->Video and the program does nothing with no error message, simply ignores the import. Any help will be greatly appreciated since I have already wasted over an hour on this, rather than doing music.

Note: Can’t believe Cubase cannot recognize any format. You would think after all these years of new versions, it will import MOST videos rather than none and with no error… wow!

Not trying to be a prick here but, did you read any of the posts in this thread? The links posted by DaveFry are very informative as to which codecs work best in Cubase’s current video engine. I’m even working on a short film using an HD720p H.264 video and I’m blown away by how well Cubase 6 handles this format. Not even Adobe Premier Pro CS4 handles it this well.

BTW, DIVX is garbage. Never install that crap in a working system. The codecs found in QuickTime player are all you need to work with Cubase. Perhaps this is the reason why you’re having problems with video playback?

Maybe uninstall, then reinstall Qucktime 7. Works flawless for me now.

It’s a bit of an old topic… but I’m experiencing this issue right now… It was working fine up to now, and for I don’t know what reason, can’t load any video anymore. Can’t even see the video in the projects I’ve done before. It shouldn’t be a format issue since I’ve used it many times and always converted to an appropriate format.
Now, it wouldn’t say anything like “invalid format”… it just doesn’t say anything. Can’t load in the pool, nor in the project… can’t import or drag and drop.
Didn’t work with either 32 or 64bit of last cubase 6.5.4, installed the update, tried to uninstall quicktime and reinstall… no success.
And funny enough, it works in C5… wtf ?? any help much appreciated

Did you reinstall the latest version of Quicktime?

I have the same problem. Either I cannot import the file or it looks completely screwed up. The problem is definitely QuickTime related as the QTPlayer has the same problems playing back these videos. It’s completely weird as they work perfectly in other players like Windows Media Player or VLC. Any ideas? Oh yeah, QT is up to date.

Latest version of QT installed 7.7.3 (1680.64)… quicktime website confirms that’s the latest.
Videos work fine in QT… but still nothing happens when I want to import in C6.5

Then maybe the other big thing? Latest GPU driver.
Most of the times, it is either that or Quicktime.

No doesn’t change anything… tried the 2 latest versions of my GPU drivers.
Don’t know if that helps, but when I try to drag and drop the video medium in the project window it’s like an unauthorized file, showing the pointer with the round & side bar. Any more guess ? I still remind that in C5 the files will load fine.

Thanks for your help though

I do not load up a video into cubase very often but today I did, and I had to discover again what is going wrong :angry:
Loading an mp4 failed, but then I tried to load the same mp4 but rendered without sound, and it worked. I rendered the video with sound only, I loaded up the resulting mp3 into cubase and it worked. I now have sound and vid into my project.
I can’t recall having this workaround in a workaround when working with cubase LE :slight_smile: