Can't load libraries.

I run Windows 7 64-bit.

I installed Cubase 6 then upgraded to 6.5.
I then installed HSO trial from the DVD that came with Cubase and activated it.
Then I installed the latest HSO upgrade (
I did not install nothing else.

I open HSO as a standalone application.
Through Options I locate the Content in the “C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\HALionOne SoundBanks” directory.
After doing so whenever I try to load a sound I get the following message:
“Some audio file(s) could not be found (# samples). The content file seems to be broken.”

I don’t know where I go wrong. Any help will be appreciated.


Hello Theo,

I had the same problem - see previous thread in this forum-

The stand alone player asks for .fsb banks but the HSO installs only .vstsound banks.
When i install the Halion Sonic trial and then the HSO there is no problem and no stand alone player

You can open the HSO content through the vst instrument Halion sonic se
see this article



Werner thanks for your reply!

So installing the Halion Sonic trial first and then the HSO, there would be no HSO stand alone player? Just functioning as a VST plugin? And what about when the Halion Sonic trial period ends?

I’m kind of confused as you see…



I guess without Halion Sonic you can load and use the HSO through Halion sonic se

I see Werner.
I’ll try the Halion sonic se option.

Thank you very much.