Cant load the license

I receive the following message

same here. Looks like eLicenser servers are down.

Same here. Just purchased a license, but eLicenser fails to establish a connection to the servers. Gotta love Steinberg :slight_smile:

Same here! :frowning:

Ditto. What a tease!


Same here, I just kept trying until it worked. Servers must be very busy.

Here can’t load license and cubase 10.5 license broken, can’t open cubase 10.5 !!!

Same here just keeps failing saying servers are down or busy.

the same with me, license 10.5 gone and no 11 license. I dont know what to do…

I thought I was the only one having this weird problem. My existing license is also broken. Can’t open Cubase! How soon is this going to be fixed?

Here too and can’t open Cubase 10.5 ;-(
I need to work on projects!

Yes, we can’t even work with old Cubase versions now. Non of 10.5, 10 or 9.5 opens :laughing:

Same here and my 10.5 license is broken !!
Anyone have a solution?

But with every update it’s the same! ;-( and we keep trying for hours untill I read this…

The same here too. Nop I cannot use Cubase 11 and Cubase 10.5 because of licence transfer pending.

Yep - having a me too moment. License server appears to be down. You would have thought on day 1 of a new release there would be some kind of heightened support presence on the forums with maybe a customer notice on here or the website if there were issues.

Same here !

Here too. Who is responsible? I just bought cubase 11, like all of you. And now I don’t have cubase 11 and 10.5. Can’t do nothing.

Same here🥲

Annnd, not just me, then. sigh

Only Blizzard sucks harder at product launches.

If your 10.5 license is stuck in “Transfer Pending”, and you have no upgradable licenses showing any longer, will it get automatically sorted with time, or do we have to reach out to support to get our license situation resolved?