Can't move licence back to Soft-elIcenser

Due to errors I reported today, the USB eLicense is unusable. I want to transfer the licence back to the soft licenser., Nothing I do in my account at Steinberg lets me do this. Reactivate licence repeatedly claims there is no soft licencer.

What to do?

It’s terribly frustrating having just bought Dorico to be spending most of the time fighting elicencer bugs and issues instead of being able to write music. There are so many comments on this forum here about similar problems, why can’t a large company like Steinberg address this promptly?

Is the USB elicencer about to be done away with anyway? Reports on this are not clear to me.

The eLicenser system in general is indeed soon to be done away with, as announced about a week ago. You can read more e.g. here.

You cannot move a license from the USB-eLicenser to the Soft-eLicenser. However, as I already said in my reply to your last thread, I can send you a time-limited activation code that you can add to your Soft-eLicenser after disconnecting your USB-eLicenser to see if that helps (I expect it will).

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