Can't Open VST 32 Songs in Cubase 6

Hi there, I’m new to the forum,

I recently purchased and installed Cubase 6.5 on my iMac OSX 10.6.8. I am able to start a new song and record tracks without issues but I can’t open older songs that were previously created in Cubase 5 VST 32. The files were originally created on a Mac PowerPC G4 OS9 and are saved on a Maxtor external hard drive.
How can I open these previously created songs? Do I have to reformat in some way? I’m hoping I can continue working on the older songs in the new version.

Any support would be appreciated,


iMac OSX 10.6.8
MBP OSX 10.7.2
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

Hi musicmystic, welcome…!

You will need to go through an intemediary stage to get your projects loaded and working in C6. First, go to the following link and d/load the appropriate version (MAC) of Cubase SX3:-

Installing this should allow you to open your old VST32 projects; save them as SX3 projects. Then, these should now load ok in C6.

Hope I’m not mistaken, but all of the above should work (SX3 install is covered by your C6 license). :slight_smile:

Good luck…!


Hopefully, you’re still in SL … With Lion, you won’t be able to open SX3 any more as Rosetta has been abandoned by Apple… So all your “old” Cubase files are lost…

Any idea, Steinberg ???


Thanks for the info, I’d like to hear from other members before I attempt the suggestion below to confirm it is indeed the recommended best approach,

Much appreciated

Yes, 10.6.8 is Snow Leopard,


I’d like to hear from other members before I attempt the suggestion below to confirm it is indeed the recommended best approach

It’s not a case of recommended best approach, it is the only approach!

And also officially supported:

Thanks to all who have replied to my issue, it looks like my VST files can be opened in C6 with an additional download, the question now is what is the correct version to download:

I am on iMac 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)

This Steinberg supported link has 3 versions:

This link version was also recommended by a forum member:

My eLicenser is up to date and I purchased a new version of 6 upgraded to 6.5 so I’m hoping the license covers the SX3 download once I determine which version to get,

Thanks to all for valuable support, much appreciated,

I think any of them will do, but I’d take the SX link on the ‘Steinberg supported’ page. The ftp link above directs to an SX update, which may or may not be a complete installer (by the size of it, it looks like one though)…

Yup, that’s how you do it!

If your old projects are mostly audio tracks, and there are no conflicts with incompatible plug-ins, you should get useful results. If you went in for complex MIDI work, and were using different MIDI hardware and/or virtual instruments back when you made them, you may have a lot of re-working on your hands!

Anyway, try. It doesn’t take long to download and install the older versin of Cubase.

Yes fortunately my old projects are all audio tracks, no MIDI. I may have a couple reverb plugins here and there, hopefully they wont cause issues.

Will post results in the next couple days,


Confirm that the SX3 patch works for opening VST 5 .all files, I tried it fairly recently and was gratified that it worked. It’s very basic, you will have to do a bit of tidying up of the project.

Timely reminder to all of us with VST projects to always keep a Snow Leopard boot partition - once you cross over to Lion or Mountain Lion or Giraffe Lion or whatever, SX3 will be gone forever along with all those '90s projects you never finished…

Or convert all older projects to .cpr now and be done with it. Can be rather tedious though, depending on the amount of projects…

Dear Forum,

I’m getting closer yet still have a couple questions, I posed the original question of how to open older VST projects to Steinberg Tech Support, they replied back today and said:

“You can use the Cubase 6 license to open SX3, import and save the projects there, then you can use them in Cubase 6.” They also said “you will need an operating system that it was supported for to run it. Cubase SX3 was supported on XP and 10.4.”

Now my questions are:
Can I open SX3 in Mac OSX 10.6.8? (I realize they said it was supported in 10.4)

Steinberg says “import and save the projects”, so my next question is:
What is the protocol for re-saving these older VST 32 projects in SX3? In other words, do I:
a. Open the song, save under a different name?
b. Open the song, save under a different format?
c. Open the program, import individual files as opposed to opening the song?
d. If importing individual audio files what about the “song” file (if that’s the correct name"

Many thanks,


I’d also like to know if you can use the Mac version of SX3 to open VST 5 projects originally created in XP? I’ve got a few dozen I need to convert but I’m running all Mac 10.6.8 now.


In SX3, you don’t open the song (cause it already works with project files; .cpr) but you import the old song file and then save as .cpr file. The imported files can be .ALL, .ARR and maybe a couple more… Don’t know about Macs.

Just to clarify terms, when you refer to the “song” file do you mean the “project” file, in other words the file that has your song title? I’ve always assumed it’s the same thing.

Once SX3 is open do I first go to File>Open or File>Import? Then File>Save as?

Once this import is done do I need to import the corresponding audio files to that song/project or will the converted file open it’s corresponding original audio files in the usual manner when double clicking on it.

I’m assuming once I’ve done these conversions I will only re-open the songs in Cubase 6 and I won’t have further need for SX3.


At suggestions of Forum members and Steinberg Tech support I successfully downloaded and installed Cubase SX3 so I can import old VST projects and then re-open them in Cubase 6.
However, when I attempt to open SX3 I get an error msg that says:

“Syncrosoft License Control - Error
-> no protection device connected”

When I go to applications and open Syncrosoft License Control Center I get a message that says:
“My Protection Devices>no device found”

Yet my elicenser (dongle) is plugged in, the red light is on and I can open Cubase 6 and play a song, I opened C6 AFTER getting this error message.

I went to and noticed the latest eLC for Mac update is April 3, 2012, I originally installed mine about 3 weeks ago, do I need to update my eLicenser even though I am able to open Cubase 6 and login to the Forum?




I think it’s wise to always have the latest version of the elicence software!

I just downloaded the latest version, there is an uninstall icon and a .pkg icon, do I need to uninstall if only updating? If so do I click on one before the other?

Thanks for the help,