Can't scroll down to select part

Hello Dorico Team,

I didn’t see that this issue has been reported before in Dorico 4.
With parts drop down menu, I can’t scroll down when I have more than 33 parts.
The bottom of the menu is hidden by the Windows task bar

drop down scroling

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I can reproduce this. Until a fix, you can set the (rather annoying IMHO) automatically hide the taskbar setting in Windows.

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The same problem occurs in Play mode when scrolling down to select a library entry. I’m on a Mac, any thoughts?

This is the same basic problem as described in this other thread:

In the forthcoming update, we have implemented a hierarchical menu for plug-ins that are sorted by manufacturer (and also further by plug-in type, if the plug-ins provide that kind of categorisation information), which means that the menus that appear for plug-ins in the Mixer, the Track Inspector’s Insert Effects section, and the VST rack in Play mode are all much shorter. This, together with ensuring that the drop-down is never longer than the height of the current display, should resolve the problem satisfactorily.

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If you check that other thread, you’ll see the only solution that worked for me: I had to physically disconnect my second monitor in order to select the instrument I needed.

Just to point out the current state of play: In this drop-down list, there is one more part to list; and room to display it.

… but you don’t know it’s there until you scroll over the list. Merely moving the cursor down the list doesn’t reveal it.

It would be great if there were a little indicator that there was “more to come”. You sometimes see this sort of thing:


I realise you may be at the mercy of Qt for this.


+1. It’s even worse in the VST dropdown where there’s usually still plenty of room to show the hidden VSTs, so the user really has no idea that there are items that aren’t being displayed.

initial view:

scrolled down:

This issue has been solved with Dorico 5.1.
Many thanks to the Dorico team.