Capo parentheses scaling issue

Something doesn’t seem quite right with scaling parentheses for capo chords.

I want slightly larger parentheses than the default. But if I turn off scaling, the parentheses don’t increase, no matter what percentage value I put in the box:

But if I turn on scaling, of course this is no good:

This behavior seems consistent on all projects.

Also, I find this wording extremely confusing:

Wouldn’t it be clearer for the first two options to read “Show Main Chord Symbol only” and “Show Capo Chord Symbol only”?

Here’s what I’m getting with my defaults:

I think Dorico is scaling the parentheses to the slash size in your lower example though, and it seems a bit larger than the other elements, so is getting an exaggerated result. Since Dorico doesn’t really offer much control over the slash size and positioning, I created a doricolib file that will add a functioning “Chord Symbols Slash Font” Font Style. I posted it in this thread not too long ago.

If I increase the size of the slash, I get an exaggerated result like you are seeing:

The doricolib file also allows default scaling and Y positioning (positive values are down), so you might want to try playing around with it and seeing if you find settings that work with your fonts.


Sorry, I don’t think I was clear. I understand the scaling thing (Daniel added that option at my request). What I mean is that when I uncheck it, I can no longer scale the parentheses.

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Ah, got it. I think there’s something wrong with how the capo parentheses work. I was playing around with them as I hadn’t used them much, and one really odd thing is that a scaling percentage >100 makes them smaller, and a scaling percentage <100 makes them larger. I can’t imagine that’s working correctly. Gif below:


Oh, I’ve never used that option. I was using Engraving Options.

I was trying to sleuth out a workaround without just doing it manually, but couldn’t figure one out. Manually is obviously still an option, but the fact that the scaling percentage works backwards seems like a bug.

Hi Dan,

Unless I’ve missed something, this is the behaviour you asked for, at least as we understood it. If the option is turned on (the default), then what you get is the v4 behaviour - parentheses are scaled relative to the height of the chord symbol. If the option is turned off, then you will get a constant parenthesis height that matches the size of the root note, unless the chord symbol has stacked alterations in which case it will be scaled as before.

Thanks Richard. What I was hoping to do was to slightly increase the size of the parentheses throughout the project, but keep the size uniform regardless of whether there’s an alteration slash or not. But I don’t seem to be able to. Am I correct in assuming the scaling percentage is disabled when the “scale based on the alteration” is unchecked?

FWIW, this looks really odd with chord symbols that have descenders as the parentheses around Amaj7 and D7 don’t match.

I don’t really use capo chords so haven’t really investigated this, but how would I flip the enhamonics of the Dbm7(b5) and Gb7 chords without manually rebuilding them in Engrave? I’m not seeing an option for that.

If so, this seems very unclear to the user. As they are in completely separate bounding boxes, the fact that there’s a relationship between these two apparently different settings is certainly not obvious.

Also, I think the Parentheses scale is simply broken in D5.1. Changing it in Properties doesn’t work either.

PS: I do recall that you added the function to turn off scaling at least, for which I’m very appreciative.

I find differing sizes of parentheses beside one another to be incredibly unsightly. I wonder if that’s standard usage? I don’t live in the world of session players.

You mean to C#m7(b5) and F#7? You’d set the capo chord transposition to Db instead of C#.


Yup, click up one more time to switch from Db to C#. Tripped me up at first as well, but I love the enharmonic function now!

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