CAPO workaround?

It seems that with the addition of layout based transposition overrides in version 3.5, one could “fake” a capo on an alternate guitar (or other CAPO-able) part using the following steps (using capo on 4th fret of a standard tuning steel-string guitar as an example):

If using tablature, use the “Edit Strings and Tuning” dialog to tune up all strings up 4 semitones (reduce the number of frets per strings as well if you wish)
On the capo guitar layout, use “Set Clef and Transposition Overrides” to set "Written Middle C sounds like an E.

From the quick experiment I did, it looks traditional notation, tabs and chords transposed currently. Might this be a viable workaround?

Welcome to the forum, olevari. Yes, I think you could use the new feature to override the transposition of a layout in this way. We do still plan to add proper support for capos in a future version of the software, which would also affect things like chord symbols.

Thanks Daniel. I was thinking about the same workaround. Does that mean, chord symbols won’t be transposed automatically? Or did you specifically refer to chord diagrams?

Chord symbols should be transposed if they’re shown above the staff with the overridden transposition, yes.

Thanks Daniel! @klafkid, took a quick look into chord diagrams as well, it seems that if you change the chord diagram tuning in the setup tab, the chord shapes will transpose properly. Also looks like any custom tuning configured in the “Edit Strings and Tuning” automatically appears in the chord diagram menu as an option.

Hi, I’m trying to do this, but since the manual is only updated to 3.0.10, it doesn’t say how to do this.

I got the “Edit Strings and Tuning” part, no problem.

I see “Clef and Transposition Overrides…” in the Setup Menu on the Setup Tab, but selecting it doesn’t do anything, so I’m stuck.

Thanks for any help

The version history for 3.5 should pick up where the manual leaves off.

Maybe that is not the problem but do not forget that you need to select the layout (in the right panel) before invoking the clef and transpositions overrides dialog.

Maybe that is not the problem but do not forget that you need to select the layout (in the right panel) before invoking the clef and transpositions overrides dialog.

Thanks, selecting the Layout on the right side is what did it. I did not know that was needed.

I can’t wait for this update, Daniel. As someone who writes primarily for church music ensembles and prepares church music scores for other composers, having capo chords for guitarists is essential - it’s the one lingering feature that is holding Dorico back from being the ultimate notation solution for church musicians . I’ll be first in line for that update!

Thanks for the feedback. It is certainly something we expect to work on relatively soon.

As a guitarist songwriter I look forward to the addition of capo features (already present in GP 7.5). In the meantime, for straightforward chord diagrams above a lead sheet for example, a simple graphic replacement for the “bow” that signifies a barred chord, would work. I’m just writing out a song played in B with capo on 2nd fret. I’m going to use 2nd fret positions for the chords, edit each diagram to include “bar” on the second fret where appropriate. It wouldn’t need a lot of programming to offer an alternative graphic for the bar surely? I know this wouldn’t help in the notation or TAB transpositions / fingerings etc, but a lot of the time a lead sheet with chords is all that’s required. Of course I’m adding an instruction “capo 2nd fret” to make it clear.

One feature I would love to see however, is access to the complete Chord diagram library. Often people spell chords differently, and sometimes I might be adding a chord to an existing palette which exists somewhere else. No way of checking all spellings as far as I can see. Or is there?

in Dorico Pro you can review all of the guitar chord shapes in Engrave > Chord Diagrams.

hmm, sadly it’s Elements here at “my royalty cheques get smaller every year” towers - but thanks, yet another reason to upgrade…!