[CB-4175] Cubasis 2.2 Inter-App Audio buggy

I have just purchased Cubasis 2.2 on iPad pro 10.5” running iOS 11.

I am experiencing heavy bugs with IAA. I don’t use any linking apps like Audiobus, just direct connection in the Routing section.

Either a IAA app looses connection or Cubasis crashes completely.

Happens on various apps like SampleTank and BiasFx

It happens under various conditions, but I’ve pinpointed one chain of events that can be replicated.

  1. connect BiasFX (also tried with SampleTank) via IAA and record something, anything small will do
  2. hit undo then redo, flip back and forth a few times until the audio terminates. Now you can’t record on this track until you restart. It’s not that the problem occurs when you do this quickly or certain numbers of times, it can happen on the first try. It’s intermittent but replicable so should be easier to fix.

And often I get error that Cubasis can’t reconnect particularlar IAA app, and the whole thing crashes/freezes.

I just upgraded to the latest Beta 4,and result is the same.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Cubase is my main/fav DAW on the pc, so I was really hoping that this would be just as pleasant/reliable experience I’ve come to expect from Steinberg.

Hi epfox,

Thanks for your message, sorry to hear about your issues with IAA.

Inter-App Audio comes with its own limitations, that we’ve summarised in the following topic:

Additionally, it seems Apple puts more focus on its newer Audio Unit format, which is supported by a growing list of apps, including Cubasis.

I will try to get in touch with the folks at BiasFX and our friends at IK Multimedia, to check where the problems could be related to.

Please check if you experience the same problems with our latests Cubasis 2.3 release (although it does not contain any IAA related changes).


Thanks for getting back to me. Initially I wrote “buggy” but after trying to use Cubasis all day today, restarting etc, I have to say IAA is completely broken. It stops functioning randomly under different conditions and there is no way to make it work using any workaround.

Will using Audiobus make Cubasis work properly and consistently? That is, will it bypass this IAA?


Hi epfox,

We are able to reproduce the problem, have added an appropriate bug report and will try to come up with a fix in the next Cubasis update.

As stated before, please note that Apple’s focus seems more related to their newer Audio Unit format, providing a more flexible handling and better options. Alongside many app developers have already made their instruments/effects apps AU compatible.

Please let me know if you use Audiobus 3 as well, so we can discuss the available workaround for now.


So I purchased Soundbus 3, and it seems to operate smoothly once the links are established. It’s anextra step to manage each time, and a separate app/resource running, but it seems this IAA is a one tough cookie that other comanies are struggling with as well. Hope the replacement standard will be better.

Hi epfox,

Thanks for the update!
I’m glad to hear that the Audiobus 3 seems to work for you!


For me IAA connections crash every time I press the undo button. I have to relaunch all apps to get it working again.
I’m on iPad Pro 10.5, iOS 11.1.1. Latest app versions.
EDIT: Just found out that I don’t have to relaunch all apps after the undo button crashes IAA. I just have to choose another audio input for the channel for a second, then change routing back to the IAA connection I was using, and it comes back to life.

Hi I got an email to post my problems here.

The upgrade to iOS11 has more or less killed IAA and people are only starting to wake up to this. I’ve found many many apps are affected and it isnt just when using Cubasis as a host, though experiences vary. I’ve confirmed problems hosting affected apps in Audiobus 3.

I’ve found that Final Touch, Audio Mastering, Auto-Tune Mobile and Espresso have all lost IAA capability (though at least Espresso can be used in AU mode). The developers either dont seem to care or dont understand the problem, hence the growing number of recent 1* reviews for these previously respected apps. Apple are very disinterested - its a 3rd party problem as far as they are concerned - I got refunds where I could from the App Store.

The symptoms are consistent - apps often open successfully under IAA but no longer affect or process the audio from Cubasis. Sometimes they work for a bit after a reinstall but some arbitrary action (ie closing the app) breaks the IAA connection until you do a complete uninstall and reinstall of the app.

It would be great if Cubasis could do something to compensate for this,but from my research and careful troubleshooting the underlying problem seems to be iOS11 and IAA as a capability. In one fell swoop it has hamstrung my iPad as a mobile DAW.

Over to Steinberg to prove me wrong / pleasantly surprise me. Has anyone got Final Touch to work recently?

Hi all,

The issue will be addressed with the next Cubasis update.