CB 7.02 Mix Console Update discussion

Decided to look at SB’s claim to fixes on 7.02 on a different, single claim every few days after working them 1 by 1 to their limits.

Today, it’s The Mix Console as it’s essential, not only that’s it work correctly but be pleasing and easy on the eye of the user that has to spend so much time looking at it.

There are some improvements, though the Mix Console is still quite slow to load, clunky and unresponsive with two many clicks everywhere to achieve a simple goal.

Still does not like opening where it was on closing a saved project session.

Still unable to keep VSTi/plugins “on top” of the mixer on screen 2, leading to loads of double clicking to get them back on top, one by one to make critical and interactive creative changes. They should be floating on top, until they’ve been finished with, not hiding underneath the Mix Console or hiding the tracks or editor on main monitor.

Cell colour chooser - No option available for those cryptic little grey on/off buttons in the racks or channel strip which are hardest to see at a glance and have been panned in the user forums every where. A user selected colour for on and off status on these tiny little buttons should not only be available, but essential for user custom preference.

Inserts and send cells - if light/pastel and easy on the eye colour is chosen, the text needs to be black, not white, there is no option to change text in any way.

Control room /meter section - unable to resize from default other than make it wider, where it can fill the entire screen. Many other users have reported all sorts of weird behaviour as well, despite having latest drivers.

Track colour header should also change it’s own channel scribble strip to same colour on relative channel of Mix Consoles, as well as having have choice of different colour fonts for those cells at the bottom of the fader.

Mix Console channel divider line not there, although if send/return or inserts rack bar a clicked on, a red or white pop up box down that rack area becomes visible, the channel strips do need fixed clear outlines.

White pop up boxes when moving mouse around the Mix Console inserts/sends etc remove the very fine lines on the channel, leaving the Mix Console with lots of black square holes all over it.

No button to lock fader channels at user preferred user height.

No “Mono/Stereo” button on Mix Console channels.

No GUI conformity between new and old plug-in e.g. 1176 skin and older grey slab plug-in carried across from earlier release.

Over the coming days, going to post a user experience on every single update claim in 7.02 for things SB claims be Fixed.

Many people will disagree with these points, that is OK, but please STAY ON TOPIC with YOUR take on the MC and don’t let it degenerate into ego generated arguments!

Constructive comments and questions on THIS TOPIC ONLY PLEASE! By being constructive and determined on single issues, we CAN get SB t give what the customer want’s. If they don’t they’ll find there resale wizard getting quite busy!

They have also chosen quite up market Dell/HP machines to sanction as being “Approved By Steinberg”. Very much like Apple taking over logic. Will we reach a day when SB refuse to support software, just like Apple, unless you have their “preferred machine”

Also, if some one finds a work around, LEAVE IT OUT! SB has a habit of not creating a real fix if they think work a round’s have been found and people accept it! Shame on them for that !!!

I think this is a very constructive and serious post!

A lot of the things the TS stated her are true. And ofcourse, you COULD do without, but working with MC would be much easier if they were integrated :slight_smile:

and i think you should post this in the reported issue section as well so it gets more attention :wink:

I fully support the original posting.

Steinberg, please add key commands for all MixConsole functions in the next update.
Especially window layout options, rack + channel settings (1 - 4), and rack configurations are missing.

What I wish for in the new mixer console is that in the racks (pan, sends etc.), I can see the numerical values of all slots always and not only when mouse hoovers over a specific pan / send etc.

Often I need to get a quick overview of the settings and it is a pain to only see one value at a time.


Personally Mikael, once I have set levels, I prefer the mouse over system as it is rather than have a clutter of information. It just shows how different people prefer different things.

I think when Steinberg introduced the new mix console, there were bound to be zillions of problems arising from the many differing hardware and graphics card setups that users have, let alone the bugs that would be there too. I feel confident they will be looking at the issues raised and most problems will eventually get ironed out. I agree with quite a few of (but not all) points raised by the original poster.

Clearly many people are having issues with, and some don’t even like the new mix console. I like the new approach and have been lucky in having few problems. It is not acting sluggishly for me at all, and has been pretty much stable. It must be very frustrating when that is not the case.

A big PLUS ONE !
Majority rules !


Personnaly, I like the new console, I think it is aiming in the right direction. But since it is still fairly new, A LOT of little things need to be addressed.

For me, the most urgent aspect that needs to be addressed would be to make it clearer which channel/track is selected. For now, when you select a track, only the fader section seems selected. All other rack sections on that selected track stay almost the same color. When you have let say 50 tracks or more, and when they are zoomed in, after few hours of mixing I sometimes find myself editing an INSERT on the wrong track, either to the left or right of the selected track.

What we need IMO is to have clear separation lines between each tracks to clearly visualise which one is which. Second, when you do select a track, the “selected track color” should change all the way up to make it dead obvious which track you are editing.



just one example: you cannot tell wheather pre gain is set to +1db or 0 db. It IS improtant to see this value at first sight, without having to hover the mouse over

this mouse-over BS startet with automation points some time ago. Up to now I don´t get this concept. I want to see what´s going on - perfect overview is not clutter!

“Oh, let´s see what´s hiding behind this field. it´s gonna be so exciting!”


I was doing that earlier today, putting an insert on the wrong track. I mean… C’mon…

Absolutely. I have found myself inadvertently changing settings on the wrong channel too…

I think the addition of the colored track header makes it painfully obvious the mixer needs the same.

Some good, serious observations in there. Hope Steinberg looks at this and considers your comments.

I agree that the channels need some kind of additional separation line. It could be quite subtle but at the moment it is quite easy to get adjacent channels confused if you are working fast.

all these comments since the release of 7.2 and not even an acknowledgement of any mixer issues after day 1

the only issues i have are the resizing of the loudness meter and only opening one plugin at a time if the plugin is on the same screen as the mixer … that’s all apart from that im quite happy but there is some serious issues with people and the mixer that needs to be addressed

edit :
it would also be a good idea to have the channel header coloured the same as the project then the mixer wouldn’t look so third party


If some users prefer it the way it is now, then give us a option to turn on or off the visibility of values.

Yes, please! We need more options. I can see that some people prefer the way it is, but I’d prefer a constant overview.

It’s pretty much like doing a live mix on a digital console vs. analog. Digital brings so many more possibilities, is lightweight etc. but only shows you one thing at a time. No simultaneous access to/information about all important parameters and that’s just like MixConsole feels to me. That’s the modern workslow…

I perfectly agree. I like the direction, and I like Cubase. It is a rock-solid work horse for me. In over 2 years of live performance, not one crash, not one actual show stopper. That says a lot.

I like the new mixer console. It’s young and immature in many details, but I don’t have a problem with this. I love to give feedback and help improve.

For things like showing more data or less, I vote for preference settings so both of us can be happy :slight_smile:

Regards, Mikael

I would like to be able to change channel order independently of the Inspector, this would be what I consider a more “rational” approach to working in the DAW as a whole.

Interesting, this too is a point of contention among many users. The majority just want the ability to change the order of tracks in the mixer not just in the project window as it is now, but 'til now there has been no mention that this ordering should be different in the two views. I’m sure many might be against that concept due to syncronicity issues etc.
But perhaps it deserves an “Option”.