CB12 Freezes after stop playback (dmp incl)


I have been running CB12 for some time now, for the most time without issues, but sometimes with the usual freeze issues during start (probably something to do with initiating audio drivers etc.).
After restart it usually works OK!

But now suddenly Cubase freezes when I stop playback.
As soon as I click stop CB freezes and is unresponsive, Playback button is still green and I have to end task end restart Cubase for it to work. Most often also have to restart computer.

Running Win 10 latest updates, ASUS Z690 Pro Art MB latest BIOS and everything else (NVIDIA, plugins etc.) updated. Dmp file linked below!

Any ideas what may be the issues?

Cubase 64bit 2022.9.15 (1.8 MB)


Haven’t looked at your DMP file but do have the same Mobo (new build) and had similar freezing problems… although mine was related to video window. Regardless… learned a solution and recommend you try this too. Nahimic Service was the root of my problems, not needed, and installs automatically due to ASUS and MSI mobo standards. Maybe try that?


Thanks for the reply.

Had a look but can not find any traces of Nahimic Services etc, but will keep on looking.


I used to have very frequent freezes on startup of Cubase 12 Pro. Sometimes also after Cubase had already started. All maintenance updates up until 12.0.50 didn’t fix it.

What helped a lot was going into the Windows Logs (under system logs). There I found an error (ID: 10016 - DCom not accessible) which is said to plague Win10 quite often. The basic steps to fix it, can be found on google. Fixing it was a bit of a challenge, but seems to have fixed my freezing issues.
Even if you have other errors there, it can be quite helpful to check your Windows Logs.


Hi and thanks for the reply and tip.

Had a look at the logs and no trac of errors at the specific timmes for the issues.

This starts to happen quite a lot now and is quite annoying… here’s another dmp file.

  • I open an empty project with no audio events, midi events, plugins or VSTi’s
  • Start playback
  • Stop playback and CB12 freezes…with Play button still green/engaged
  • I have to end task - see dmp file below



Cubase 64bit 2022.12.5 (1.2 MB)

Anyone who can have a look and see what may cause the issue, please?