CC-line not updating

Good Morning!
I first have to delete a dynamic instruction and insert it again so that the CC line is updated with changes.

(No, no - I want my dynamic line back! - immediately !!!)

We know that the lack of the dynamics lane is annoying, and we will get it back into your hands as soon as possible.


Is this problem related to the dynamic lane:

I’ve got a whole note with dynamic p<f and CC 1 in the key editor shows the correct ramp. If I change the dynamic to pp<ff then it plays back correctly but CC1 doesn’t update. If I then select and deselect the whole note in the key editor, CC1 updates.

I would expect the display to update when you play back, but perhaps not immediately upon creation or editing of the dyanmic; Dorico 4 is a bit more sparing about when the playback information is recalculated than previous versions, to improve performance, but it does mean that some edits may not cause the Key Editor to update right away. As we work on bringing the dynamics editor back into the fold, I’ll keep my eye on this issue.


Hello, the CC line is not delayed in my case but not updated at all.

Of course, before I manually change (adjust) the dynamics of a note in the CC-lane, I try to achieve the desired change by adjusting the relevant dynamic sign in the notation. If I mark this note with the mouse and then select another dynamic sign in the right zone, the sign and the playback volume change, but not the drawn dynamic line. As a result, any further fine adjustment of the CC dynamic line that may be necessary is not possible. Only when I delete the dynamic instruction in the notation and reinsert it does the CC line react immediately with redrawing. A correction of the behavior would certainly be necessary here.
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This one has been bugging me out for a while. Here’s a video showing the issue on my end:

The only way to force-update the CC lane is to either a) delete and rewrite the dynamics; b) add a new dynamic symbol (or MIDI point); c) select/deselect a note in the key editor.

I’ve tried closing/switching the lower zone, selecting a different CC, even changing modes entirely, but no luck.

Please see this thread: