CC121 EQ problem Cuebase 7

Just installed Cubase 7 and updated it from the web. All was going well but the EQ - Q,F and G controls don’t work. Everything else works. I notices this has been reported on other sites and it was a bug to be fixed in Jan, is there a update :question: on this? :question: :question:



Who said this :question:


It was also said there will be a pre 7.0.2 announcement made very soon :slight_smile:

Ok, Ok it says soon, not very soon :laughing:

Thanks, I think use Cubase 6 until I’m sure every thing is working such as the cc121. The new layouts of 7 and features will work well for me so I’ll look forward to the change over. I hope the new cc121 driver will not cause problems with Wavelab7, it took some doing to get it to control it. :slight_smile:

Great news, I updated the latest CC121 software and all is working well. The new Cubase 7 format is brilliant once I got used to it. Control room is now easy to use located in the mixing console. Well done guys. :smiley: