CC121 pre-sale questions

After seeing how great channel strip control with the Console 1 looks and realizing I really prefer using Cubase’s built-in channel settings / strip, I am know thinking about buying the CC121…

I have a few questions. Any info is appreciated!

  • I use a EUCON controller (Artist Mix), exclusively for controlling quick controls. Will the CC121 and Artist Mix get along?

  • This may be kind of obvious, but when I bring up the Channel Settings window for a track in the project window, will the CC121 switch to that channel? I mainly mix VST rack instrument audio returns from their Channel Settings window, not from the mix console…

  • My main use will be controlling the built-in channel EQ. Does it work well for that?

  • Will the Channel Select < > buttons take my visibility settings into account? It would be great if I have my visibility set to show tracks with data and have the CC121 only move between those shown tracks in the project window.

  • Can I use the AI Knob to control info line fields (and even better… can I lock it to info line fields?)

  • Is the volume knob at the top right of the unit actually user-assignable? I would like to assign it to the channel’s lowcut filter in the pre section.

Thank you!

They shoudln’t fight… i hope. technically they run via separate USB driver controls and all features of the CC121 are set from the Device Setup page within Cubase.

the “e” button on the CC121 will open the Channel Edit window of any selected channel. using the Channel Select buttons at the bottom, moves between channels while still keeping that Chanel Edit window open of that new channel.

Perfect. no worries.

yup as above. similar to having the Channel Edit window open.

Nope. Info Line parameters not affected.

The user assignable buttons are set based on the parameters defined within the MIDI Generic Remote section. Unfortunately the Pre Section is not available. The advantage of the AI Knob is when you have the mouse hovering over almost every parameter, that parameter can be changed using the AI Knob.

There was another similar post on this.

Thank you!

hope this helps.

Thanks for your help, keyzs!

Well, just so you know, the layout of the EQ buttons is NOT the same as Cubase, which takes some getting used to. See: