CC121 Replacement for defective fader

I’d like to rehash an old issue that’s been discussed here before, but yet without a solution:

CC121 Fader Replacement?
CC121 Replacement fader problem?

I ran into the same problem after buying a used CC121 with a defective fader (the sense line was disrupted, so moving the fader would no longer update the virtual fader in Cubase).

Searching for a replacement part, i came across the same two YAMAHA faders that have been discussed here and that are currently offered by thomann, one with a rubber dust cover and one without and decided to go for the version WITH dust cover.
Both models are mechanically identical (dimensions, pin positions, pin assignment), both have 10k linear potentiometers and even the transmission (number of motor revolutions for the complete way of the fader) is identical, however the model with the dust cover will not work properly in the CC121!

When moving the fader on the CC121, the virtual fader of the selected Cubase channel will follow the fader position of the controller, however when moving the virtual fader in Cubase, the fader on the CC121 will not reach the minimum and maxium positions (the following pictures show the minimum and maximum positions that can be reached by the fader).


After making sure that this is not a matter of a bad power supply, i ordered the model without dust cover, replaced the fader again and it worked satisfyingly right away!
Steinberg could have probably avoided this behaviour of the controller by implementing a calibration routine that allows to calibrate the minimum, -20db, 0dB and maximum positions of the fader (Yamaha mixers that make use of that fader provide that), but apparantly they had decided to save that effort :frowning:

So if you have a CC121 with a defective fader and you would like to replace it, you should go for THIS product:

It is available here (no, i’m not affilitated with thomann in any way):

Do NOT use this one:

Both faders are apparantly produced by ALPS, the one without the dust cover seems to be the one that’s listed here:

Happy soldering!


Thank you so much for this! This is a very useful post. I’ve just bought a 2nd hand CC121 and was thinking of pre-emptively buying a spare fader in case this one breaks.

Unfortunately that item on Thomann is discontinued :frowning:

The product Yamaha Motorised Fader LS9/01V96 is regretfully no longer available.

It looks like this might be the same one though: Yamaha Motorised Fader LS9 / 01V96 /DM1000/ DM2000 / M7 VR Complex Slide B10K - Pro Audio Service Ltd