CC121 Replacement fader problem

The motorised fader on my CC121 died a death a while back. I since came across a post with someone who had replaced theirs with a Yamaha LS9 fader from the Thomman web site and he said it worked fine, so i decided to order one and repair my CC121 myself as the unit is over 10 years old.
Everything works as normal apart from the fader tracking/calibration is messed up. When i move the physical fader, cubase volume follows perfectly. if i move the fader in cubase, the physical fader only starts from 1 quarter way up to 3 quarters from the top is is very jerky in between.
I’ve since noticed there are actually 2 different Yamaha LS9 faders for sale on Thomman. Neither of them mention being compatible with the CC121 but I bought the one that says its suitable for Yamaha LS-9, M7CL, CL1/CL3/CL5 So maybe i bought the wrong one or should they both work fine?
The one i bought looked identical to the broken one i took out apart from it has a rubber dust seal under the moving fader part.
The other one says its compatible with 01V96, DM1000, DM2000, 02R96, M7
Anybody have any expertise in this?


I had the same exact issues with my CC121 right out of the box and it wound up being a bad power supply.

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Same about me: I have changed the power adaptor and the problem was solved.

I have had this problem out of the box too, i thought the fader just wasnt very good but then recently i saw user videos that were working flawlessly and realised i had a problem. What replacment did you get? Is it possible to get a UK 3 prong plug one? thanks!