CE5 and EZDrummer

i know this has been asked a lot, but i couldn’t find the exact answer i was looking for anywhere else. what i want to do is export a midi file and have the ezdrummer sounds in my wav file. if someone could give me step by step instructions on how to do this, it’d be greatly appreciated.

Set the locators to the part, solo the track and Export Audio Mixdown.

tried that. when i imported the new audio file, all i hear are midi sounds and not ezdrummer sounds.

What are midi sounds?

What are you hearing when you just play the track?

i don’t know what else to call them but midi sounds. i guess they’d be the sounds you may hear without a vsti. that’s what i hear on the imported .wav file, not ezdrummer drum sound, but straight midi sounds.

Strange! If there is no instrument on a midi track the result would be silence! midi has no sound.

I take it when you play the sequencer you are hearing the correct noise?

Sounds like he doesn’t have EZ selected as the output of the MIDI track. What he means by “MIDI sounds” is anyone’s guess.

well, the instrument on the midi track would be ezdrummer. i know midi obviously has no sound, but have you heard of a midi drum kit? that’s what i mean by “midi sound”. yeah, i’m hearing the right stuff on the sequencer.

Never heard of a midi drum kit! is that not what ezdrummer is :laughing:

well it’s kind of back to the start of this, set locator’s, export audio!!! that should really work.

i’ve tried the audio export method and it won’t work. basically what i’m saying is that i don’t hear ezd on my imported file. i hear a different, wimpy kit.

Tell us more about how you have this all set up, maybe include some screenshots for clarity.

Try realtime export.

this is the best i could do…
cubase screenshot1.jpg

Try unmuting the instrument and take the track out of record mode.

tried it. didn’t work. :frowning:

You didn’t choose a drum map. Maybe that’s the problem? EZD works in GM map.

What is that ‘Stereo GM’ preset that you have selected. Can you change that to no preset? Also as Renewal said if you created this midi pattern elsewhere you may have to use the EZdrummer map as it’s different.

i changed the gm preset to no preset - did nothing. how would i go about using the ezdrummer map? apologies for my lame questions, as i’m fairly new to this.

The EZ Drummer Instrument Channel is muted. :wink: You need to solo that as well. Should have soloed with the MIDI track but… .

The EZ Drummer Instrument Channel is muted. You need to solo that as well.