Celebrate Cubase’s 30th anniversary with us by saving 50% on all Cubase 10 full versions, updates and upgrades

Same problem here = no email, no promo

Steinberg - send me the email plz…I am subscribed.,…

No need to wait for a promo email (which I’m not getting either, FWIW).
Just go to the Steinberg website, Shop -> Software -> your Cubase edition and the discount is already applied on both full versions and all upgrades.

Well done Steinberg. We all make mistake and to this is one of those innocent mistakes where the company didn’t realize it would actually disappoint long time users. When a company reacts so quickly, I applaud them. Usually they just don’t listen and SB has.

Thank you for listening!

+1 on 50% discount for GA4 -> GA5 upgrade …

Thanks Steinberg for this. I don’t have to jump ship now.

sorry was double post , cannot delete … ???

Sorry wetstreet I read your post and would like to help but now I have to take something go lie down.

You know at the moment (11-May) this upgrade offer only applies to Cubase, yes?

Thank you!!! I am finally using Pro!

Hi Folks,

I’ve not received any emails regarding the specials for existing customers - I gather from threads there has been at least one.
I’ve multiply checked I am subscribed to the newsletter in mysteinberg correctly and also my spam filter.

Would some kind soul please let me know when/if Iconica goes on special and what the email says…

Me neither.

there are no emails . just log into your steinberg account and add the cubase products to your shopping card. the promotion and discount should be reflected in the cart. old price crossed out and new price at the bottom before checkout.

This is incorrect - there are emails for other discount offers beyond cubase. The various official announcements say this.

I’ve logged into my account and gone to the shop. On any other product outside Cubase I don’t see offers. Interested in Dorico and Wavelab

I respectfully request that Steinberg please post descriptions and links to any deals offered to existing customer here in the forum. I never receive any emails from you guys (even though I am signed up in MySteinberg account) and I would hate to miss something offered.

Thank you :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Any discount for Absolute 4???

Yes, a discount on a Halion UPGRADE (not just the full program) would be nice…

What is the price and which package do I download for upgrading Artist 9.5 to Pro 10?

Agreed. Its pretty much a ploy (and a good one) to get new customers on board. For existing customers though a 50% storewide would be the thing. In effect it might tempt me to migrate over to Dorico and wavelab and become a new upgrading customer too steinberg… double money for you

Go to the Steinberg website, click on Shop, Software, Cubase Pro 10 and select the option “Upgrade from Cubase Artist 6 / 6.5 / 7 / 7.5 / 8 / 8.5 / 9 / 9.5”. The price will be displayed in your local currency.

Let me ask discount for Absolute 4 too.
That would be nice!
I already have Cubase 10 Pro and dont need Iconica at the moment