Change Channel Configuration from stereo to surround / ambisonics on already existing tracks

I have already posted this to Cubase forum (I have Cubase PRO 10.5) and got one reply saying it is not possible. So I am addressing Nuendo users community if someone has any hints on this:

I have a Cubase PRO10.5 project with around 25 mono / stereo tracks which I plan to covert to binaural output using free dearVR AMBI MICRO plugin. All tracks are either mono or stereo.
Can Configuration on existing project tracks be changed from stereo to say 5.1 or 1st, 2nd, 3rd Order Ambisonics as they are available when creating new audio track?
Can this be achieved in Nuendo?

Here is a link to my complete post:

How to change Cubase Channel Configuration stereo to surround / ambisonics

Thank you and all best

As far as I know, it can be done in Nuendo 11 with the Immerse plugin.

Take a look here and here.

as already answsered in the Cubase Forum, this is not possible…
You think about it in the wrong way…

A common stereo file can not be a correct binaural file…
you have to send a stereo file to a binaural or surround bus instead…

It can be done in Cubase 10.5 with Immerse as well. I tested it but not really happy with results so far, so I am testing dearVR options.

My question relates to tracks Configuration properties that can be defined only at the time of creating an audio track and not changed afterwards, for example if you at one point decide to move project to another dimension :smiley:

I can define tracks properties and its Configuration as stereo, mono, surround, ambisonics only at the moment of creating audio track:
Project / Add track / Audio
Thank you

Looks like I will have to go the hard way:

  1. Create bunch of new tracks with 3rd Order Ambisonics Configuration properties
  2. Copy Audio from original tracks to newly created 3rd Order tracks
  3. Copy Channel settings and automation from original tracks (would be great to have option to copy paste automation data from one track to another like with MIDI List editor…)
  4. Mute original tracks

This is the wrong way…
You can send a stereo track to a surround bus
you get the right panner in output of the track then…

Ambisonics is totally different… it will not work if you leave the tools out of the signal chain
You have to remix it for immersive audio…

Thanks for advice. Will try that bus routings.

As I have live performance tomorrow with this composition I decided to go hybrid mode.
To create bunch of new audio 3rd order Ambisonics Tracks (they work well with either dearVR MICRO or with Steinberg VST AmbiDecoder)
I am sending this to MixPre6 (as USB soundcard) out 1 and 2 which is defined as in Control Room as Phones Mix.
The rest of my tracks do go to Stereo Master out (MixPre6 out 3 and 4).
I can balance/ blend all 4 outs with volume pots on Sound devices.
Total mix will go out as stereo mix to Silent Disco transmiter and audience headphones.
At this stage quite good solution.
thanks for support