How to change Cubase Channel Configuration stereo to surround / ambisonics

I have a C10.5 project with around 25 mono / stereo tracks which I plan to covert to binaural output using free dearVR AMBI MICRO plugin.

If I create new track from Add track I can change Configuration to all available options, as well to select Audio Output to all options I have set in Audio Connections/Output.

But I can not find a way to change my existing Audio tracks Channel settings from Stereo to 3rd Ambisonics order (or 5.1, or…other options) by clicking E (Edit Channel settings).
Please see attached jpg with two tracks having 3rd Ambisonics order configuration while the third has only Stereo (the one with endless 8 sign).

Thank you in advance.

This is not possible…
Which Cubase do you have?

Thank you for reply.

That is really a shame to not have this available.
I am using Cubase PRO 10.5.30 on OSX and Win10. It is the last build.
Will ask at Nuendo forum.

common… why ask everbody the same?
I’m a Nuendo user as well…
To change the channel configuration is not possible with Nuendo as well…
You ask the wrong question…

Becouse Nuendo is targeted to different users and might have had this flexibility build in. And Nuendo users might have an answer to this.

As Cubase is more focused as productive DAW composing application.
Knowing of course they both share majority of features.

Do you really need to change the source tracks? If the recorded material is mono what’s the point of changing the track itself?

Just route it to multichannel output and you should be able pan it however you like. But I may be wrong and maybe misunderstand what you want to do.

By not having an option to change tracks Configuration I can basically only “route audio track” to 3rd order output which I created in Bus in Audio Connection / Output menu. But when I select dearVR MICRO in a panner field I do not get any audio through.
Same way I can select VST MultiPanner and that one works.

Still a lot to learn

I tried it with different panners…
had difficulties with all of them… it sounded different than expected…

The whole Ambisonics thing is not so easy to understand at all…
I’m still learning too…

You are so right about panners sounding and behaving very differently that one would expect. But so does DAWs and plugins do…