Change playback speed in Dorico 3.5

Hi there,

I’m quite new to Dorico and currently stuck at a completely stupid issue:
How the heck can I change the playback speed in Dorico? It is currently @ 120bmp which is way to fast, but I can’t find the Option to change this …

Any hints?



At the upper right on the top panel, you’ll see a tempo box, “q=120.” Click on the quarter note icon to turn it from blue to grey. Then you can click on the number and drag it up or down.

Alternatively, you can enter a tempo mark using the Tempo popover (Shift-T).

Thanks for the hint - this works.

Just FYI, I tried to do this quite some time ago, but couldn’t figure it out. It looked to me like it should perhaps allow the speed to be varied, but I couldn’t get it to work. I then found a forum post asking for the feature, and was at least glad that I wasn’t the only one wanting it. Then, I stumbled on a video which demonstrated it, and was pleasantly surprised the feature actually DID already exist.
I think the U.I for this could be made more intuitive.

I’ve now found the relevant section of the documentation:

Also, I think the forum thread I had discovered was actually about a slightly different feature request - the ability to easily speed up or slow down playback, in a relative fashion. (i.e, 20% faster, 30% slower, etc etc). So, this feature would presumably honour “follow tempo mode” as well.

I’m very pleased with the existing functionality for now, and am relieved it’s there. I simply had failed to find it in the doco. (I was searching more for “metronome” topics, than “tempo” topics)

Dorico is blessed with so many capabilities which are increasing all the time (not to mention sometimes multiple ways to access them) that it would be surprising if all the capabilities were equally visible–or “intuitive,” since that really depends on each user’s prior experience.

As one becomes more familiar with Dorico’s concept and architecture, one finds it easier to know where to look for a given capability.

If you haven’t added a tempo marking at the beginning, that is the first thing to do to control the tempo, before messing with anything else. If you HAVE entered a tempo marking, and the default isn’t what you want, adjust it in the Properties panel (while selected).