Change size of Tempo Markings?

How to…


Look in Engrave menu>Font styles… Meteronome… and Tempo…

Thanks—I’ll give it a shot.

More precisely:
Engrave menu > Font style > Immediate Tempo Text Font
Engrave menu > Font style > Metronome Music Text Font
Engrave menu > Font style > Metronome Text Font

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Can you do this kind of changes just for the score and leave the individual parts alone? I wish I can put huge tempo markings just for the conductor to see them easily, but then in the parts they look awfully big…

Yes and no. In many cases an Absolute font size will work for the score and parts alike.

I’m working on a big orchestral project right now and have taken to selecting all tempo marks in the score and scaling (locally) to 150%. If anybody can think of a better way, please speak up!

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And how do you scale them locally? I didn’t find the option (I’m don’t use Dorico a lot, so I don’t know a lot of basic things :open_mouth: ).

Just make sure that the “Set local properties” switch at the right end of the properties panel is set to “Locally”, before setting the Common > Custom Scale (at the left end of the properties panel) to 150%.

If you’re using Dorico 3.1.10 or earlier, there is no “Set local properties” switch, but I’m pretty sure scaling in the score won’t affect scaling in the parts.

Thank you, I did it well. It’s slower and less reliable than my ideal (set different sizes for each “engraving” -maquetación in Spanish-) but it does the trick perfectly.

Still trying to increase the size of the metronome marking text. :roll_eyes:

Current look:
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 5.59.06 PM
Font Styles setting:

Metronome Music Text Font music be SMuFL-compliant in order to show the correct glyphs.

Thanks very much for the quick reply! But … Yikes! I might need a translation here … What does “SMuFL-compliant” mean? Are you saying that Dorico doesn’t support InkPen Chords font? (If that’s the case, why does it show up in the list of “available” fonts? Or … why doesn’t Dorico give me an error message when I try to use it?)

I’ve increased the font size in the Edit Font Styles dialog (or at least I thought I had) but it didn’t seem to have any effect.

Thanks again for your help!

Anything in Dorico that uses a font style and appears with musical glyphs, like the note glyphs in metronome marks or immediate dynamics, needs to follow the SMuFL conventions, so that Dorico can locate the correct glyphs within the font to display the right symbols.

Yeah … I think I figured it out. The MM=X thing is actually composed of 4 different font styles! (Not sure why it needs to be that complicated, but I’m just a musician :slightly_smiling_face:.) And I Googled SMuFL and discovered the font families that Dorico supports.
Last question (I hope) - when I choose Petaluma for my Metronome Text font family, there is only a option for “Metronome Music Text Font” as a parent. when I choose Petaluma for my Metronome Music Text font, the only option for parent is “Metronome Text.” Seems as though they’re reversed, no?

Sorry … forgot to attach the screenshots.

I’m not entirely sure what the question is, sorry. Metronome Text Font and Metronome Music Text Font are two different font styles. A font style cannot be its own parent, so whatever font style you’re editing doesn’t appear in the Parent menu.

Giving a font style a parent style creates a cascade: for example, a lot of font styles have the Default Text style as their parent. This means when you change the Default Text font to Arial, say, then every font style with that as a parent also updates to use Arial. It’s a quick way of updating fonts across the project, and keeping them all up to date. Activated sliders for a font style mean that part of its formatting is overridden, and won’t change if that part of the parent style changes.

It would be so great to have the options to choose different font sizes for Score and Parts. As there is the option in the Paragraph style to do that, I would request the same for Tempo changes.

For now the best way for multiple tempo and different sizes in score and part is to use Text (alt+shift+x) and use a style that you can tweak to have different sizes in score and in parts.

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Just bumping for visibility. Dorico really needs the easy ability to change this property for just the score and not the parts.

Yes, we know (and there’s no need to bump threads). In order to achieve this, we plan to transition tempos from being drawn with font styles to being drawn with paragraph styles, which provides greater flexibility. It’s definitely on our backlog for implementation.