Change size of Tempo Markings?

How to…


Look in Engrave menu>Font styles… Meteronome… and Tempo…

Thanks—I’ll give it a shot.

More precisely:
Engrave menu > Font style > Immediate Tempo Text Font
Engrave menu > Font style > Metronome Music Text Font
Engrave menu > Font style > Metronome Text Font

Can you do this kind of changes just for the score and leave the individual parts alone? I wish I can put huge tempo markings just for the conductor to see them easily, but then in the parts they look awfully big…

Yes and no. In many cases an Absolute font size will work for the score and parts alike.

I’m working on a big orchestral project right now and have taken to selecting all tempo marks in the score and scaling (locally) to 150%. If anybody can think of a better way, please speak up!

And how do you scale them locally? I didn’t find the option (I’m don’t use Dorico a lot, so I don’t know a lot of basic things :open_mouth: ).

Just make sure that the “Set local properties” switch at the right end of the properties panel is set to “Locally”, before setting the Common > Custom Scale (at the left end of the properties panel) to 150%.

If you’re using Dorico 3.1.10 or earlier, there is no “Set local properties” switch, but I’m pretty sure scaling in the score won’t affect scaling in the parts.

Thank you, I did it well. It’s slower and less reliable than my ideal (set different sizes for each “engraving” -maquetación in Spanish-) but it does the trick perfectly.