Change Text into System Text?

I’ve got a score with quite a lot of text (Shift + x) , which should have been entered as System Text (Shift + Alt + x). Is there a clever way to change this quickly? Would save me some time.


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HeiPet, I don’t mean to hijack your thread, but maybe we can “kill two birds with one stone”.

Can anyone please explain the difference between standard text and system text? A search of the forum and the latest PDF guide offer no explanation.


System text (ALT+SHIFT+X) mimics Tempo text and appears in every part layout printed even if it only shows on selected staff positions of the full score. Regular (SHIFT+X) text appears only on the staff you attach it to.


Thanks, Derrek.

There is no way to convert staff-attached text to system-attached text, I’m afraid.

Is there a way to HIDE system-attached text in a part(s)?

Drag it off the page in engrave mode, or set its color to white (or transparency to zero).

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Would the color/transparency setting effect the conductor’s score? (will experiment later, but curious if you know )

No. Engrave mode is pretty much universally layout-specific.

Color/transparency can be done from Write mode as well, but the principle is that any changes made via the properties panel at the bottom are layout-specific unless they’re explicitly propagated.

This works! Good solution.

One more question… is it possible to “Select All” of the system-attached text used in multiple flows? I can use “Select More” to collect all items in a Flow, but it doesn’t go beyond that.

Selection is rigidly flow-specific. Sorry!

Well… only 48 more Flows to go!

I can’t help but think there might be a better way of doing this: if this is text that should ONLY appear in the conductor score, how about entering it as Staff Text? That way, you only need to do one lot of dragging/making transparent, in whatever instrument’s part layout the text is attached to.

It was requested by the composer to include all conductor text cues in the Vln 1 part. Once we completed the score, he’s requested we hide SOME of them but not all of them. So… I would haven’t included any, imho… but they pay so they get to make the call (right or wrong).

Footenote: You can Ctrl+Click across Flows. Helps somewhat.

What about implementing the ctrl+shift+h function? I was a regular user of that on Sib.


I would like to state first that the developers of Dorico are doing a great job. I really don’t want to go back to Finale anymore :slightly_smiling_face:
Having said that, I think their focus should be on small improvements like this request and others like for instance clicking a chord,symbol, shift clicking another one a few measures later and that all chords in between are selected. I have a whole bunch of those.

For those of you owning a Streamdeck or another way of creating a range of hotkey actions coupled to one hotkey. One could do the following: Configure your streamdeck to do all the following actions in a row:

Then in Dorico in Write mode, just click on the text you want to convert to system text and press your streamdeck button holding the multiaction.

Whoah this thread’s out of date!
You should find that if you select a chord symbol then Ctrl/Cmd-click another chord symbol, then type Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-A (Select More) all the chord symbols in between get selected.

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But there is still no command to convert staff text to system text. I just tried scripting such an operation, and a few steps can be automated. But if there are any style alterations in the original text block, they are lost when pasting into the new one – even if you open the original, select all the text and Copy. (So it’s no better than just selecting the original and Copying.)