Change Voice is bugged

While “Change Voice to Next Voice on Staff”, which one would expect to be the same in this scenario, does work fine instead.

Which voice are the first three downstem notes? Downstem voice 1? Or voice 2?

Sorry. Voices>Change Voice… works perfectly for me

When I use the form of your example and follow your directions I get the following:


It’s different than your apparent result. Is this what you want (need)?

I don’t know, in my case it deletes the notes for some reason. I’ll try to find some reproducible steps.
Update: it’s indeed not that easy, it’s hard to reproduce. Still trying.
Update 2: trying to reproduce it is driving me crazy, because it turns out it’s not about the notes (hence why @tbabcock123 wasn’t able to reproduce it), but it’s something else, like doing it after some other kind of edits. Gotta hate this bug :sweat_smile:

Which voice are the first three downstem notes? Downstem voice 1? Or voice 2?

Down-stem Voice 1.

Is this what you want (need)?

Yes, and it does work if instead of doing “Change Voice” → “Down-stem Voice 1”, I do “Change Voice to Next Voice on Staff”, which one should expect to give the same result; and in any case, deleting the notes sounds like a bug regardless.

You should upload a file that demonstrates your problem so that developers can assess the issue. Pictures are useless in this regard. In my case I assumed your left-hand example contained up stem chords on the second compound beat and that you had selected the lower notes of those chords to apply the “change to down stem voice 1” command. In doing so, when I applied said command I got the result I posted and that shows those notes now residing in the down stem voice 1, something you apparently want but are for some reason unable to get. Also, I’m using version of the software.

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I’m too using 4.2. As I wrote, sadly, I’m having trouble finding consistent reproducible steps. As soon as I’ll find the exact trigger, I’ll update the thread.

I think, this issue was discussed here Changing voice . Daniel told, that the solution comes in the next update.

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